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Sasural Simar Ka 8th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka watch online

Scene 1
Simar says yes I am mata rani’s follower. The woman says in heart they will kick her out now. Simar says when devi has a problem, she goes to mata rani too. like you come to your patali devi. I go to mata rani when I am in trouble. A man says how can we agree that you are patali devi? Simar says its upto you. Think about it. When you tell me your decision i will accept it. They bow down to simar. Simar says I have to find that seeds now.

Simar is looking for the pouches. That woman comes and says should I help you? Simar says but you were against me. She says I apologize for my behavior. Simar says this stone is so heavy. The woman breaks the stone for her. SImar says where that pouch has gone. The woman says there is a way to go down there but you can enter there only. SImar says okay take me.

Jahnvi comes and says amar, they are dressing simar as bride. AMar says we have to conceal the body, we don’t have another way.
The woman says this is the ditch from where you find your pouch. simar steps further.
A rope is roped around simar. the woman laughs and says I wanted to kill you so I brought you here. This rope will kill you now.
She leaves. The rope suddenly captures her. She screams. Simar is released.

Mata ji says why is this happening with simar. She decorated this room herself. There are so many memories. Roli goes out in tears. Mata ji says don’t let kids come out. Uma says they won’t. Khushi is with them. They all leave. Mataji makes her wear the locket.

Simar helps the woman release. She says you are real devi. I am sorry. You good powers stopped me and I was stuck.I am sorry. I should be punished. Simar says if you really want to repent then help me finding those pouches. She says sure.
Amar and jahnvi come in the room. Amar says we have to leave. Jhanvi says the body is really stiff. They fail to move it.
Prem comes to room, he sees the dead body on the bed. amar and jahnvi are hidden behind the curtains. Prem sits next to simar’s dead body. He recalls their moments together. prem holds her hand. He makes her wear the wedding locket and cries.

In Patal lok, Simar reads if both sides of weight are equal only then you will be able to move forward. Simar says there is no weight around. That woman says you can keep it. She places the rod in her hand on the side of the weight.

Precap-devika screams. Simar says evil powers like you should die and I will kill you today, Patali screams. Simar is there with trishun.

Written Update By Atiba


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