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Sasural Simar Ka 7th December 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Devika cries from inside the doll anjali don’t leave me. She tries to move the doll.
devik says i have to get myself out of this doll. She sees candle in front of idol. She says I have to burnt this doll.
Jhanvi says to simar make so good idol that devika is left dazed.
Anurga calls her. she says why you waste your and my time? I don’t want any relationship with you. Mataji says i will as simar to talk to her. she will share her heart out with simar.

Simar is kneading the dough. Devika touches simar but simar doesn’t feel any of her evil powers. Devika says i was cleaning the mud.
Patali says these feet are so nice. Simar says i have to go now. i have to be with anjali. Simar stands up. Patali puts hand on simar’s back but she sees that she do anything.
Devika takes the doll near the candle. Anjali comes and picks it up. She says its your time to sleep.

patali says how is this possible. Why is my magic not working on simar.
Patali does black magic and makes bone levitate. She says shadow tell me why simar couldn’t be affected by my magic. Shadow says this is because of khushi she touched the dough and i lost the magical powers. Patali says this can’t happen no one can stop me. And she is a normal girl. I prayed to satan 13 years for this. I have to find a solution too. Shadow says go to bahardwaj house.

The shadow enters baharadwaj house. They all start coughing. Mataji says what is this? Sujata says i cant even breathe. what is this? Mataji says everyone come out of the house. They all come out. Simar is in there with anjali. Anjali says my daughter is left upstairs. She goes up. Simar and prem look for her.
Mataji asks where are simar and prem? Sid says they have gone to take anjali. Simar comes and says anjali lets go.
mataji says go and check if devika’s okay or not. Sid calls fire brigade.

Someone knocks at door. Patali stands upi and says who is disturbing me.Simar says devika are you okay? Prem breaks the door. Devika is coughing inside. Mataji says all this fire what is this? Devika says i forgot stove on. The curtain caught the fire. I opened door and windows.

Precap-Khushi says to patali i can’t kill simar? Patali says i give you once chance. Or i will kill your son.

Written Update By Atiba


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