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Sasural Simar Ka 6th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka watch online

Scene 1
Mata ji is digging. Sughanda and Madhvi come there. Madhvi says I have boggled Simar’s mind. Sughanda says I know how useful you are. Stay here. We have to get that only then we can reach our destination. And that simar will be so confused that she will never get to me. She wont even know what happened to her.
Simar says what is happening? I was at Devika’s house and then I was in mine. And Sughanda was here that means my doubt was wrong. She recalls sughanda snatching phone from Sanju and breaking it. This is why I asked her to sleep with me. I can’t ask her for help. Whatever happens I have to go to devika’s house today. Simar comes out again, she hears animals growling.
Madhvi says she is really stubborn. Sughanda says but she can’t beat me. Someone puts hand on simar’s shoulder she turns back, its roli. SImar is in washroom. Roli says what are you doing here in my room’s washroom? Siar is dazed. ROli says what happened? Simar says my washroom was out of water. So I came here. Roli says come out. Please tell me what are you concealing? Simar says there is nothing like that. Simar says I don’t know what to tell you. Roli says we will solve it together. Simar tells her everything. Sughanda is outside. she says you both think you are so clever? This time you are against Malti and you can’t do anything.
The door is locked. Simar says who did this? Roli says we can jump from window. They make ropes from dupattas and climb from windows.

Roli climbs down. Sughanda says now you will play with me? Simar is coming down, Sughanda opens the knot and SImar falls down. Her foot is sprained. Roli says didi you say falling is not defeat. Not standing after falling. Simar tries to stand up. Roli supports her. Sughanda says you will never reach there.
Mata ji is still digging. Madhvi says hurry up.
Simar and roli are going towards Devika’s house they hear cry of a child. Roli says who is this? Simar says this is illusion, if we turn back we will be somewhere else.

Simar and roli keep walking, Suddenly roli falls, Simar holds her and they are in kitchen of their house. Rolisa says we here? Simar says i don’t know how is this happening. I am tired of this now. Roli says we can’t give up.
Madhvi laughs and says you have twisted their minds. Do you believe what we are looking for is here? Malti says yes. Suddenly something cracks. MAtli says did you her? She says what are you watching?
Roli and simar are in temple. Simar says please help us in solving this Mata rani. We have to take out mata ji out of all this. A red chunri falls. simr picks it and they go out again.

Sughanda says Madhvi now its not easy to stop them. Madhvi says this time, I hope they don’t reach us. Sughanda says to mata ji, hurry up. Mata ji says doing it. Malti says we have to find that before they come here or I will bury you here. Mata ji finds a casket.
Simar and roli try to break the door.

Precap-Mata ji comes home. she says Simar I have really hurt you please forgive me. Sughanda says in heart last night you did what I wanted.

Written Update By Atiba


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