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Sasural Simar Ka 6th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka watch online

Scene 1
Mata ji says i will not bow down in front of this patali. Simar says okay then sit here with these dead people. See if your mata rani can bring your family bring. Mata rani can’t do anything. You are responsible for their death. See simar’s face last time because I am leaving. she laughs.
Mata ji recalls all that patali said. Mata ji say if she leaves i will never be able to bring my family back. Mata ji says stop patali. For my family i have to do this.
And God will forgive me for this sin. simar says this is not sin and patali keeps her promise. Mata ji looks at her family.

Mata jhi goes towards patali’s idol. Patali places coals on her way and says now move forward. Mata ji steps on the coals . It disappears. Mata ji lits the candle. Mata ji says in heart if it was about my life i wont ever do patali’s arti but this is for my family. I am helpless. Simar says lit the candle and do the arti. Mata ji does the arti. Patali says why are you standing? Mata ji bows in front of patali’s idol.
Simar says I have rewinded the time.
Everyone gets up. Mata ji caresses them all and says are you okay. Prem says we are fine. Roli says why are you crying? Sujata says why are you so sentimental?
Sid says are you okay mata ji? simar says mata ji fine. Mata ji has devi maa’s blessings. Mata ji says yes you are all okay because of devi maa. she is devi.
Simar says mata ji had lit the candle in front of devi maa and bow to her. Mata ji fine in front of us.
Pari says this is so nice. Simar hugs mata ji and says now ask your kids to bow to devi maa. Mata ji says we should all bow to devi maa. Roli says you are right.
Mata ji puts tilak on everyone’s forehead. Simar says in heart now everyone in this house is patali’s follower.

Precap-Simar says to Mata ji if say anything i will kill your family. mata ji says i wont let this family shatter. Simar holds the trishun and says i will see who stops me.

Written Update By Atiba


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