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Sasural Simar Ka 5th June 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Mata ji says what are you saying sid, Sid says I love prerna. Mata ji calls everyone upstairs. Mata ji tells the what sid just confessed.

Mata ji says I think you have forgotten roli. She would be happy to see sid happy. And Simar for you roli’s happiness was everything then why aren’t you happy with her now. Rajhinder says we are all with you. Sattu says congratulations. Everyone congratulates prerna, fake simar too. Prerna says won’t you congratulate us Maani? Maani congratulates her. Mata ji says take blessings of elders. Prerna says to maani wondering how your plan failed? Maani is dazed. Prerna says don’t worry. Like I failed this plan I will fail all your plans. Simar(bee) says I know this must be difficult for you prerna. but I am glad you did that for my family. Thank you.
Prerna recalls, in hospital she said there is one way. If that arrow doesn’t pass Maani but my heart. Mata ji said what are you saying. simar said that would make sid fall for you. Prerna says this is the only way. This family always gave me love. Sid considered me his friend. I wont let this happen to him. I can’t let maani play with sid’s life.

Maani says to fake simar how is this possible. When I made the arrow prerna wasn’t even here. she was in hospital. She couldn’t see or hear us. How did she find out? This means there is someone who is telling her about us. Who could it be? Fake simar says we can get answer in chandan grant.
Maani comes to chandan grant and says I doubt someone told prerna about the arrow. I wanna know who that is. It shows her a bee. Maani says this bee told prerna? Fire says this is not bee, it is simar. Maani is dazed. Fire says it has bee’s body but simar’s soul. maani recalls all the time be annoyed her. Maani says now I know that bee was simar. that baba lied to me. she recalls baba saying I burned her.
Maani says now I will burn that bee. I will do what baba didn’t. Fire says I can only tell you the way to her once. Then you have to do everything. Maani says one chance is enough for me to kill that bee.

Anajali praying. A bee comes near her ball. It is simar. Maani comes in, the bee sits on anjali’s cheek. Maani says enough simar, You have played with us. Our turn now. Your game is over. To kill simar maani tries to slap anjali. Manta ji holds her hand. Mataji says anjali go to jhanvi. Maani says you are getting wrong. Mata ji says don’t you ever dare to harm my simar. Mata ji says what you thought you can stay in my house and play these games and I won’t even know? I know everything. The fake simar is not ours. She is your ghughat woman. Maani says this means you know everything. Mata ji says your reality too. Maani says okay better. I cant do this drama anymore either. Now you will see simar the bee dying. Mata ji slaps maani hard on face.

Precap-Maani says to fake simar this time we will do something that simar wont be safe. We can control that bee by reading this mantra. She reads the mantra. Simar says what is happening why am I floating towards the fire.

Written Update by Atiba

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