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Sasural Simar Ka 5th December 2015 Written Update

Sasural Simar Ka watch online

Scene 1
Khushi sees patali in her room. Khusi says why are you doing this please have mercy. Patali says you child’s life in your hands. you can save him if you want. i think you didn’t get it. If you want to save him them don’t open your mouth. Khushi is scared.
Simar knocks and says khushi open the door. Are you okay? Khushi hugs her son.
Simar opens the door. she sees khushi normal. Simar says how did the door open. Khushi says maybe it was jam. Simar says why is he crying. Khushi says he was sleeping i don’t know. Simar says your voice is back? you wanted to tell us something. Khushi says yes. she sees that white liquid. Simar says come downstairs with me. Khushi says in heart how will I answer them. Karuna says don’t worry we are all here with you. Khushi says I.. She sees the while liquid. Simar says are you scared of something. Why are you looking outside. Khushi says I saw a snake at her place. Mataji says oh God. Simar says we should go to her place maybe she needs us. Mataji says sujata you stay with khushi we will come back.

They all go to devika’s place. Mataji says thank God you are safe. Simar says khushi said she saw a snake at your place. Devika says it would hav gone by now. simar says we have to look for it now. Amar says in heart maybe we find something else that will expose her. Anajali comes in. Karuna says sit here anjali. Pari says anjali don’t roam around and don’t move.

They don’t find anything. Devika says I told you. Amar says how about this? He shows a garland . simar recalls she saw it near patali’s temple. amar says the face on this locket is of patali. Devika says this is not mine. Maybe its of the person who lived before me. Amar says you cleaned this house.Mataji says mohini lived here as well. Maybe its hers. Don’t doubt devika. Simar says yes mataji is right. it happens amar. Sid says leave it amar. Mataji says throw it out amar. Amar throws it out. Simar says you better threw it out. it could harm devika.
Uma says there is no snake. We can go home now. Mataji says be careful devika. Call us if you need. devika says thank you so much. Pari says anjali is in room. She says anjali lets go home.

Amar says to simar i have doubts on devika. We trusted mohini. I am not doing that mistake again. Amar says I will go to her village and inquire about her. Simar says i don think this is right but go if you want to. Amar says dont tell devika.
Amar says i know you reality is something else devika.

Anajli says doll you are so good. She is playing with it. Devika says form isnide anjali can you listen to me. She says i have to do something. The hand of the doll moves. Anjali says doll moved her hand.
Anjali says if mama finds out i brought a doll from devika’s house she will be mad. Anjali hides the doll. Simar says anjali open the door.
Simar says why did you close the door? Anjali says i was thinking to change the clothes. Simar says good girl but first eat the meal.

Precap-Devika says i have to get myself out of this doll. She sees the candle and says i have to burn this doll.

Written Update By Atiba


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