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Sasural Simar Ka 4th December 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Prem says I can’t let you work simar you are not well. Prem says I will send someone else for your help. Khusi says I will help you devika. I am so creative. She says you all don’t trust me. sankalp says what are you saying. this is like a challenge. Khushi says I accept this challenge. I will come to your place at 8 tomorrow.

Anurag calls pari and says I want to meet Jhanvi. Pari says she doesn’t even want to hear your name. jhanvi comes pari hangs up.Pari says come eat the breakfast. Jhanvi says i will eat in canteen. She leaves. Pari says I will try anurag but I can’t promise.

Simar comes downstairs. Sujata says why did you come. Simar says I was so bored. Roli says on call thank you so much to registration. Mataji says what is it roli? Roli says my application to open school for village childern is approved. I will have to go to Mumbai. Sid says congratulations. Simar says I am so proud of you.

Khushi says looks so good. simar has made such good feet. devika says be careful. Suddenly khushi slips and the foot breaks. Devika turns into patali.
Simar says my foot is better now. she walks and says i can feel it. Patali says you stupid woman, what you did. Khushi is scared. Patali throttles her.
Simar comes in, she is dazed to see devika. Khushi is sitting scared in a corner. she runs to simar. Simar says what happened? Devika says is khushi okay? She broke the legs you made. Then i dont know what happened, she started crying. Simar wonders why is khushi so scared. Simar says i am sorry on her behalf and i will do the rest dont worry. sImar goes out. khushi again sees patali in devika. Khushi screams see there simar. simar comes in and says what? thats devika.

simar is available in with khushi. Mataji claims what took place to her? Simar says i dont know she’s so fearful. Khushi cant say something. Khushi recollects patali’s deal with. Simar states it wasn’t devika. Mataji says Exactly what are you expressing. Khushi says don’t go there. Khushi suggests that devika. she.. Sujata sats what she did? Khushi can’t say anything at all.
Mataji claims acquire her to rest. Devika is available in and says what took place khushi?
Khushi faints. Simar lays her on bed. Devika states is she alright ? She was behaving Strange at my put much too. simar states she’s afraid of one thing. I noticed concern in her eyes. Like she noticed one thing Terrifying. Mataji says that’s why she requested you never to head over to devika’s position. simar states she fainted right before she could explain to.Simar claims only khushi can explain to that and we must watch for her to get okay. Mataji says even though she will be able to’t talk she will be able to write. Simar just take khushi to her place. Simar claims devika i can’t arrive now. I’ll occur tomorrow. Devika says no you manage khushi thats extra essential.

Precap-Mataji says what happened Khushi? What you saw at devika’s place. Khushi tells them something.

Written Update By Atiba


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