Sasural Simar Ka 3rd August 2016 Written Update

Sasural Simar Ka 3rd August 2016 Written Episode Update


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Sasural Simar Ka 3rd August 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Rita says or do you need Simar more than the kids. Sumit slaps Rita. Simar is dazed as well. Sumit says you have such low mentality that is why you are so alone after having a family.
Anjali is in bed, she recalls everything that happened. Prem sees KB going towards Anjali’s room with food. Prem says stop. Do you even realize if I tell everyone what would have happened? KB says this was Anjali’s decision. I went there to keep an eye on her. Prem says if that is so then you should have told me. Keep one thing in mind if I don’t give her time doesn’t mean I don’t care for her. If she does anything like this again you will tell me. Don’t teach her wrong things.

Next morning, Simar dresses all the kids for school. Simar looks at Piyush and says my son. She says you don’t know your importance in my life. You are the one for whom I left everything. Simar is in tears.
Rita comes there and gives her the money. Rita says we don’t need you anymore here. Simar says have I made a mistake? Rita says you made my kids yours and my husband likes your company more than mine and then you are asking me your mistake? We brought you here as a governess for kids not for my husband. Simar says you can’t point a finger at my character. Rita says what is your character? Who are you? Where are you from? Where is your family? Past? And yes this mangalsutra? Where is your husband? you don’t even know who is father of your son. Three days, find another job and leave this house with your son.
Simar says where will I go? What will happen to Piyush’s school and future.

Prem looks at Simar’s photo and says please come back simar. I and Anjali need you. I can’t handle this all alone.
Sumit comes to Simar’s room and says are you not okay? Simar says no no i am fine. Sumit says it would have been better if you could come to school function but you are not well. Rita says lets go. Sumit goes out. Rita says you are a good actor too.

In school, Rohan says this is such an important day why is choti ma not here? Rita says she is just a governess. Rohan says you can’t understand. Lets go Roshni and Piyush.
Rohan calls Simar and says why did you make an excuse of headache. SImar says no no. Rohan says I know you like you know me. I know you won’t tell me the reason. If you are not coming I won’t accept this award. Simar says Rohan..
The award function starts. The kids perform on the stage.
Principle says student of the year is master Rohan Kapoor. Everyone applauds for him. Rohan sees that Simar is not there. Rohan says if she doesn’t come I won’t accept the award. He is going out. Simar comes in. Rohan is happy to see her. Sumit stands up and says simar ji sit here. Simar says its okay I will sit there.
Simr says to Rohan go accept your prize. Rohan says when I was preparing for my exams, she used to sit with me, She wakes me up and gets me ready for school, she taught me all the manners. So I want to give her this award because she deserves it more than me. He comes downstairs, Rita is getting ready, Rohan walks past her and says come choti maa.
SImar goes to stage with Rohan. Rohan says she is the one, my choti maa. Without her my life is incomplete. A kid says Piyush she is your mummy? Piyush says yes.
Rohan says I dedicate this award to you choti maa. Simar says not this is yours. I am glad you made your parents proud. Rohan asks everyone to come for family photo except for Rita. Rita leaves in anger.

Precap-Khushi says not matter what Prem should never see this paper. Prem says show me, the paper has simar’s photo with sumit piyush and rohan. Prem says you are in Lucnow. I am coming.

Written Update by Atiba

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