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Sasural Simar Ka 31st December 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka watch online

Scene 1
Kali says evil will rule Bhaardwaj house now. This triumph has to be celebrated. she takes yellow sindur and pours it on the idol. she dances with other witches.
Prem says let me go look out for simar. Simar is standing on the gate with idol. Prem says where did you go? Mata ji says you locked the gate. Simr says I am fine and everything will be okay in our house from now. She says I went to take this idol. We have to place it in our house. Pari says but how you know.. Simar says gaitri found it and i got to know but I went there to take it. Roli says I was worried for you. Simar says I am sorry. I wanted to bring it here as soon as possible.
Mataji says in heart is there something wrong? Simar says we should place this idol in. Mata ji says where is gaitri? Simar says she has went on a journey. SImar brings in the idol.

Khushi says to Devika I tried my best.. Mata ji hears it. She says why are they both worried? Maybe they know something. Devika says patali used simar and got the idol. She is so clever. where is she hidden? Khushi says what will we do now?

Simar does the pooja of the idol.Mata ji says in heart why am I feeling like something is wrong. Simar says mata ji.. i am doing arti here and you were facing there. why? Mata ji says nothing. Simar says take the arti. Mata ji takes the arti. Mata ji says in heart there is something that we can’t see.
Simar tries to pour yellow sindur on idol. It reverts back. She says you can’t play with patali. A black cloth comes in her hand. sHe says what will you do now? SHe places the black cloth on the idol. Mata ji comes and says wait simar. What were you doing? Simar says I am sorry, by mistake I brought black cloth. Mataji says how could simar do this. Mataji says I wil do it dont worry.
Cut fruits for Sujata. Simar leaves. Mata ji says why i feel like simar has changed. I feel like this is not our simar. this is someone else.

Devika comes in. mata ji asks how are you idol making going? Devika says good. Devika says pari bhabhi these plates are so good. she slips it on simar’s hand simar gets a cut and a yellow liquid comes out of her hand. Simar says i am fine. Mata ji says simar apply something on it. Mata ji and devika are dazed. Devika says in heart patali is in simar.

Precap-Devika says patali is the queen of devils and she has caught simar. MAta ji over hears them. Mata ji says tell me what you were talking about. Tell me khushi.  

Written Update By Atiba


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