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Sasural Simar Ka 30th October 2015 Written Update

Sasural Simar Ka watch online

Scene 1
That woman comes in. Indra leaves mata ji. Mata ji throws ganga jal on prem. He comes to his senses. Prem comes to simar and says please forgive me I didn’t know what was i doing? I am sorry if I hurt you. Simar says don’t blame yourself.
Indra says to that woman, you? How you came here? Suddenly Indra disappears. Everyone wonders where has she gone. Mata ji says you are the same woman that indra used to be scared of. She can’t face you. Mata ji says to her please help us.
Indra comes in laughing and says because of you I met her. Because of her my powers have increased.
Indra says I think you didn’t get me. I have answer of all your questions.
Simar says what you mean? Indra says listen to me. Amar was doing his work so well. But he didn’t you he can’t fool indrawati. She recalls Amar trying to
call, she did magic on him and asked him to hang up. She said now you will do as I ask. Take me to the woman simar wanted to bring to me.
They went to that woman’s house. Indra said to her I am the same witch that Simar wanted you to meet. My name is Indrawati. Don’t you recognize me? She hugged Indrawati and says its me.

Indra suggests so allows conclude this activity of hide and request. Simar you saved Your loved ones from such complicated moments. You saved them and risked your life. You have seriously done a lot of for them, allows see if all of these alongside one another can help you save or not.

Indra suggests simar you are already tested a lot but now its Your loved ones’s convert.
Indra states now you simply rest. I’m listed here for yourself. She reveals her the keys and suggests the thing is? Remainder of the tasks are actually mine. Now sasural simar ka, is sasural indrawati ka.

Precap-Indra normally takes simar someplace in darkish. Simar states please go away me indrawati.

Written Update By Atiba


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