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Sasural Simar Ka 30th May 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Jeweler comes in. Mata ji says come in come in. Karuna says who called you? Uma says did you simar? prerna comes and says not simar. I called him. She gives him jewelry. Prerna says this was what I was trying to tell you yesterday. My jewelry is getting old I thought I should get it polished. Mataji please polish them asap mehta ji. Prerna says mehta ji will give us 50% discount if we all get ours polished. Karuna says simar give yours too. Simar(bee) says ask her to give that locket. Prerna says simar give what you are wearing first. Pari says prerna looks a lot better. Fake simar says in heart i will need to see simar’s picture an hour is almost passed by.. Prerna takes off her locket and places it on the table. Pari and uma bring theirs and Karuna too. They all go in. Mataji says prerna come help me. Prerna says I am coming. She collides with the table and steals fake simar’s locket. Prerna goes with mata ji. Fake simar takes the locket with her and goes to her room. She says before someone comes i should see simar’s photo. When she opens it,it has prerna’s photo instead of simar’s. Fake simar says how is that possible. This is prerna’s picture.
Prerna took out simar’s picture and replaced it with hers. Fake simar takes prerna’s face. She is scared and dazed.
Mataji says prerna takes these old ones out too. Simar(bee) says our plan is working. Take mata ji to prem’s room. She has lost my face. You know what to do next.

Fake simar says I have to find simar’ picture asap. She can’t find any in the room. Fake simar says where are all her pictures. There were so many in the room. That maani has left to give doctor money.
Everyone comes in hall with their jewelry. Prerna says mata ji lets go help simar.
Fake simar is looking for pictures of simar. Prerna says when mataji sees her in that face she will be shocked. Fake simar says if someone sees me this way everything will be ruined. I have to find simar’s picture.
Mataji and Prerna enter the room. Fake simar has her back towards them. Simar(bee) says our plan has worked I guess. Mataji says why is everything so messed up and you didn’t took our your jewelry. She turns back she has simar’s face. Prerna and real simar are dazed. Simar says I slipped and everything fell down. Mata ji says are you okay? Fake simar says yes. Prerna says in heart how is this possible. Where did she find simar’s picture? i took simar’s pictures from here. Fake simar says lets go prerna. prerna says I have to make a call I am coming. they leave.
Prerna says where did she find your picture? I hid all the pictures. Prerna looks around. She finds small picture in prem’s wallet.

Fake simar tells maani everything. maani says she knows something. And according to doctor she should have slept by now but she is up and that means she has not taken the medicine. We have to look in her room. If she stole the pictures they must be in her room. Simar(bee) hear it. She says I have to alert prerna.
Fake simar and maani come to her room. Fake simar asks what are you doing with my pictures? Why did you bring them here? Simar(bee) says pretend to be mentally abnormal and say these photos wanted to talk to you. Prerna says I was walking and these photos tried to talk to me. So I brought them here to talk. I am losing my mind, simar says calm down it happens. And take your medicine. They leave. Prerna says thank God. you gave me right idea on time. Simar says we have to be careful. Maani is so clever.

Maani says to fake simar you made a mistake. Fake simar says means? Maani says prerna was thinking before she answered. Fake simar says you are right. Maani says she didn’t take medicine and she is fooling us. Fake simar says what do we do now? We have to figure out what she knows.

Precap-Sanju and anjali are crying. Prem comes in and says what happened? Sanju says someone tried to throttle me. Mataji says who? she points at prerna.

Written Update by Atiba

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