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Sasural Simar Ka 2nd October 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Indra asks simar where are amar and sid? Simar says they went to hospital. indra says what? mata ji tells her in hindi. indra says what for? Simar says sid was in pot, so for check up.
Simar says in heart i should call sid and ask if they have reached there or not. Simar says i should call doctor for jhanvi.

Sid and amar enter the house. Simar calls sid, he picks up. simar says did you reach? Sid says yes. Indra tries to her but she cant. simar says did you find any clue? Sid says not yet. We will let you know. simar comes out. Indra is standing in front of her. She asks what is it? simar says phone. indra says why you use it? simar says to talk. If he has the same device you can talk to him. Indra says how you hear them.

Sid and amar are rummaging through the house. Sid sees blood on the wall. Sid picks up a paper from near the wall and he is shocked.
Simar says network is better there. Indra says what you mean? simar says the same sound waves. Satu comes out talking on phone. Indra sees him. simar says sound waves carry their voices and we hear them. Indra says why you use it in temple, why cant you use it here. Indra says he is talking that means there is network here then why you dont talk here. simar says maybe my phone has to be fixed.

Amar asks sid what happened, sid shows him the photo. its simar’s photo in ancient attire. Amar recalls simar says she was scared seeing my face. Amar says to sid yes simar told me.. They hear anklet. Amar says indra is in bharadwaj house then who is it?

Simar claims indrawati ji.. mata ji claims what transpired simar? Simar claims i looked everywhere for her she’s nowhere. Is she doubting us? Exactly what is she’s there with amar and sid.
Amar and sid cover. Amar states this sounds is coming in close proximity to us. Indra enters the home. Amar suggests what’s she executing in this article? Indra seems around. Sid and amar are hidden under the desk. Indra suggests if someone is below come out. possibly i will forgive, in the event you deceit me consequence might be horrible. Sid and amar I understand that you are both below. Appear before us.
Simar says need to i phone? Mata ji says Certainly. Simar calls sid. Sid’s cell phone beeps, he cuts it. Indra stops.

Precap-Indra suggests why have you been all fearful? simar states you went someplace so we had been anxious. indra states i went in which sid and amar did.

Written Update By Sahir


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