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Sasural Simar Ka 2nd June 2016 Written Update

Prerna says what will I do now? Please take me out of here. She is on hospital. A doctor comes in. Prerna says don’t come in. I am not mad. I am normal. Doctor says we will decide that. We will keep you under observation. Prerna says I am totally okay. He leaves. Prerna says how will Simar come inside? Simar says prerna.. Prerna is dazed. Simar(bee) is sitting on her bed. Prerna says simar you.. There was no way. Simar(bee) says how could I leave you alone? Simar says Maani tried to attract him but she failed. Simar(bee) tells her everything. Simar says it failed because of roli’s picture. We have to prove that you are innocent before that. Prerna says how will i get out of here? There are digital locked doors here. She has locked me in here. Simar(bee) says nothing is impossible. I have trick to get you out of here.

Mata ji asks Amar did you talk to prerna’s doctor? They hear some noise. Prem says someone was going towards prerna’s room. Mata ji says lets go and check. Fake simar asks maani we are both here then who is that? Maani says lets go and check. They come to room no one is there. Prem says I am sure someone came here. Amar looks from the window and says she is running there. Its a woman with her face covered. Mataji sees the anklet and wonders that she has seen the anklet before. Fake simar says in heart she is wearing clothes like me. Who is this. They run down to catch her. The woman hides behind a pillar. Mataji says where is she gone? Maani sees her. Maani takes the cloth of her face a little.

Sid says whatever Prerna was doing was because of these drugs. Rajhinder says but she came here? Prem says to either remove proofs or maybe she didn’t know if prerna was here or not. Pari says we sent her out of house because of that ghughat woman. Khushi says poor prerna she was innocnet.Simar says what are you all saying I am here.. Everyone is dazed. Maani says simar means she can’t be that woman.Mata ji says how can you say that? Maani says I saw her face. it was prerna herself. Everyone is dazed.
Prerna is running back towards the hospital. SHe looks for an auto. Simar(bee) says she has told everyone it was you. We haveto reach the hospital. Prem says she is in hospital. Sid says I called hospital they said she is asleep. Simar says we can get to know if maani is right not. We can go to hospital ourselves and check.
prerna says I have to reach there before staff finds out I am not here. Mata ji says yes we will all go there and check if prerna is there or not. Amar says we some people should stay home. half of them leave for the hospital.

Precap-Doctor says no patient can go out of thier rooms. Fake simar says please take us to her room. prerna comes in the hospital. Everyone sees her.

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