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Sasural Simar Ka 2nd December 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Simar comes home. Sid says everyone was waiting for you here.
Now come in. Devika calls someone. Prem gives a packet to simar. she says what is it? he says see it yourself. roli says manali trip for five days. Mataji says wow prem. Sujata says yes this is such a good idea. You both sisters should go out with your husbands. prem says what you think? Simar says yes.
Devika pretends on calls, dont shout. Simar says whats wrong devika? She says Simar didi, I took an order, but I can’t work with this hand. simar says i will help you. Devika says but you are going with prem. Prem says she is not going anywhere, she will stay here and help you. You promised her simar. Lets send sid and roli. Roli says no we all should rather spend time here together in the house. Devika says in heart, you have called your destruction. You have embarked on a dark journey.

Jhanvi gets a call again. She says if you call me again I will complain cops. Why you give me blank calls. Come in front and talk to me face to face. He says okay as you wish. Jhanvi says do I know this person? A man walk in and says yes you do. Its her husband. He says i was making calls. Just to listen your voice. Jhanvi says and to know if I am alive or dead? whatever was it between us is over. he says your anger is fair, but give me one chance. I will change everything. Please. I promise I will rectify everything. Jhanvi says no Anurag, its not that easy.
roli sees jahnvi worried. Jhanvi tells him everything. ROli says what do you want? Jhanvi says i don’t want to think about it. Roli says rest and eat something. Tell me if you need me. Jhanvi says don’t tell anyone this yet. Roli says dont worry.

Mataji says to simar you have to help devika. Anjali comes and says you wont go anywhere mama. Come play with us. Roli says why dont you play with me? Anjali says i wont let you go. You have to play with me.
Devika says where are you simar? I can’t wait anymore. I have to seek revenge. Patali comes out of devika.Patali says you insulted me, now I will make this revenge an example. Simar comes in, Anjali is with her. Simar says I had to bring, she wasn’t letting me go. Anjali says I wont disturb mama. I have brought my lunch and toys as well. devika says please come in.
simar says lets start working. She mixes the soil. Devika says you are going to ruin your life. You will be captivated in the same idol that you make.
Anjali says i want to make idols as well. Devika says it will be tough. You should focus on it. Simar says anjalu play with your toys.Simar says this is so much fun/

Precap-Devika touches the leg simar has made. Simar slips. She says i feel so good when i see you in trouble.

Written Update By Atiba


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