Sasural Simar Ka 29th September 2016 Written Update

Sasural Simar Ka 29th September 2016 Written Episode Update


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Sasural Simar Ka 29th September 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Anjali is at the party. He says who walks form the parfait of this terrace will win. Anjali says I accept your challenge. Shanaya tries to stop her. Vivan says lets do this. Shanya says Anjali please no. Anjali says shut up.
Simar and Prem are on their way. Simar says please drive fast. Prem says relax she is with her friends she must be fine.
Anjali starts walking on the parfait. Shanaya says this is not funny Anjali. They all cheer for her. Anjali is drinks as well. Anjali’s feet slips. She hangs from the balcony. Anjali screams for help. Shanaya says someone helps her. Vivan says try coming her. Anjali is losing her grip, Simar holds her hand. SImar says Anajali hold my ahdn. Anjali says what are you doing here. SImar says give me your hand. Simar pulls Anjali up. Prem comes as well and they both save Anjali. Simar says what were you doing? How you have right to play with your life? Anjali says don’t give me lectures. Prem says look at yourself? Is this how you party? simar says all of you? You do all of this without thinking about your family. Prem says its useless to say anything. Prem drags Anjali home.

Scene 2
Anjali is asleep on her bed. Simar says we should give her more time. Prem says I tried being her mother and father. I couldn’t even be a good father I failed. SImar says I failed you didn’t. I am her mom and I wasn’t here with her when she needed me the most. It’s all my mistake. Piyush is on the door step. Simar says she is asleep, she won’t eat it. Piyush says I heard you two talking. If you want your daughter to change you have to change yourself. If you live together she will things can change, Prem says go from here.
Prem recalls all the things Anajli did. He recalls what Piyush said.

Piyuhs is working in kitchen. Roshni and Rohan come to the window. Piyush says what are you guys doing here? He hugs them both. Piyush says I missed a lot. roshni says not more than me. Rohan says how is choti ma? Piyush says let me call her. Roshni says let me come too. Anjali wakes up and comes to kitchen. Piyush finds a chocolate in kitchen and eats it. Anjali comes in kitchen but she is sleepy. Roshni says sorry, Anjali takes the chocolate from him and says thank you. she leaves. Rohan says was that sleep walk? Anjai sits on sofa and Rohan sits next to her. Anjali wakes up later, Rohan hides. She says what am I doing here? She goes back to her room. Roahn smiles looking at her.

simar meets Rohan and roshni in kitchen. Simar says I was missing you two a lot. Roshni says that is why we came here. Khushi hears people talking. Khushi comes towards kitchen. Rohan and roshni hide. Khushi says to simar what are you doing here? Simar says I came to bring water. Khushi says you can’t enter kitchen. simar says I should go.
Simar comes back and asks roshni and rohan to leave carefully. Rohan says thank God we saw her coming. They both hug them.

Anjali wakes up and says bring me coffee. KB comes in and says that simar won again. Riya called and told me how much Simar insulted her in party. SHe made a mistake by inviting you. If someone invites you and your mom tags along then anyone would mind. Anajali says this is too much. She goes out in anger.

Precap-Anjali says to SImar don’t touch me. SHe takes a vase and is about to hit Simar. Prem comes and stops her. He slaps Anjli and says you will whatever she asks you from now on.

Written Update by Atiba

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