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Sasural Simar Ka 29th April 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Simar says come in and lets do pooja before starting. Chanda comes in and says you are so stupid that you listened to her. She is a fraud. She shows them the paper. They are in a shock. Uma says thank God. Simar says this is not me. This woman is a liar. Chanda says if I am lying then show me the papers. Uma says she wasted our time. Simar says in heart I have to stop them but how. Pari says let us go. Simar says jhanvi. Jahnvi comes out with sujata. Jhanvi says she is right she is ma’s relative. Uma says how you know her? Sujata says simar saved me from hospital. I told jhanvi how you planned to kill me. Uma says we can’t do that. Sujata says don’t lie anymore. Simar says to chanda what happened now? I was playing your game. You asked me that I have to bring my family back. But you have to keep your promise. Maani says I won’t let you succeed. Simar says they are my family. They are in their house. Our house is blessed. Sujata says now decide that you have to trust this woman or us. Sattu says we will do as you ask. Simar says come in the temple then. They all come in the temple. Simar picks the sindur. Anjali recognizes simar and says mama. Pari says what am I wearing? Uma says simar maa.. What is happening.
Simar tells them everything. They are bewildered. Pari says what are you saying we can’t do this. Sujata says I am not mad. It was not your fault. Uma says we did this to anjali. Shalu says she is our daughter and we did this to her. Simar says this was not your fault. jhanvi says what will she do next. Maani says for that wait for the next morning.
Now the interesting chapter will start.

Simar is worried. She says what is maani upto now. Why is this happening with us. i made that mistake for my family. She hears mantra. On screen she sees prem in groom attire.
Simar stands in shock. Chanda enters as a bride. mataji says here is our bride.
She sits by prem. They do all the rituals. Sujata says calm down simar we can’t do anything. Simar says I can go to their house. I will stop this. Prem is my husband. Sujata says where will you go? And how will you stop them. We don’t even know where is this happening.
They make each other wear the garland.
Prem takes round with Chanda. Simar says please maa. I have to do something. I can call prerna. but she called from sid’s number.
Pandit ji says fill her hairline. SImar says no. You are my husband. Prem fills chanda’s hairline. He makes her wear the manga sutra locket too.

Precap-Simar says Prem ji.. My marriage with him has broken. Sujata says no simar.Simar says everything is over.

Written Update by Atiba

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