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Sasural Simar Ka 29th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka watch online

Scene 1
Simar steps on black stone. A yellow liquid comes out and sticks in simar’s foot. Amar sees a crack in the idol.
patali touches the box. A book is in there. Patali takes it. There is a trishun behind it. Patali leaves. devika takes out the trishun.
Simar is all covered by that yellow matter. Seh screams devika please help.
The crack is coming towards simar’s neck in idol too.
All of a sudden it vanishes from sima.r Divika is there with trishun. Simar says who did this? Amar sees that crack has vanished.

Simar sees Devika with trishun. Simar sees patali with the book. Patali comes near simar. Suddenly she walks past simar. SImar says that.. Devika says you are invisible to gairtri she can’t see you. Simar says thank God.
Simar says this is the same trishun you told me about? but it was somewhere you couldn’t go. How you got it? Did you do something that you shouldn’t have? Devika says you are right. I had to get it to save you. I had to take gaitri’s help and I had to tell her the secret. She can’t defeat God no matter how hard she tries.

Simar and devika walk in. Simar starts coughing. devika says what happened? Simar can’t breathe. Devika says what is happening simar didi.. Try to breathe. Simar faints. Simar says in heart I have to fuilfill my mission please give me strength God.
Simar’s idol starts blankening and smoke is coming out of it. Devika says please help simar did God. Simar starts breathing again.

Mata ji is doing pooja. Amar says if this idol is fine, that means simar is not in trouble anymore.
Devika wakes simar up and asks are you okay now? Simar says yes. Devika says because of me your life is in trouble.
Winds start blowing in bhaardwaj house. Mata ji asks roli to shut all the doors and window. Roli says mata ji sid come here. See this. They go out and see so much smoke. Mata ji says where is this smoke coming from? There is no one in devika’s house. Prem says lets go and check. They go near devika’s place. Prem says the gate was locked last night.
Simar says God will not let us lose. Devika says you have some power in you that no one can imagine but now I know that a pure soul like you, can never lose against evil.

Precap-They enter devika’s house. Jhanvi is in there. Mata ji says what are you doing here? Jhanvi says devika asked me to clean up. Prem says when did she talk to you? She didn’t pick my call.

Written Update By Atiba


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