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Sasural Simar Ka 28th October 2015 Written Update

Sasural Simar Ka watch online

Scene 1
Doorbell rings, Khushi opens the door. Its mata ji and sid. They are all happy to see them back. Mata ji says we will all go to temple together once everything is okay. Mata ji asks simar what happened? Simar tells her about that woman. Simar says she didn’t even want to listen us. She doesn’t trust all this. Prem is standing on stairs. Sid says we have to bring her here at any cost.

Indra says to amar dont mess with me or I will do something that cant even imagine. Amar says so you got to know about that woman? i wont tell you anything. Indra tries to throttle him but she gets a current as she touches him.

Mata ji sees prem. Simar wonders why he looks changed. Mata ji hugs prem. Simar says there is something wrong. Prem looks so different. Sid asks prem how are you? Prem says I am good. You? Sid says don’t worry. Simar told us about that woman. We will bring her here.
Amar says in heart until I have this locket indra can’t harm me. He starts going towards house. Indra stops him. Amar trips. Some people come to help him. He says go from here, this woman is a witch. All people start running. Amar says I have to go home. amar starts running towards the house.

Simar says we have lit the candle with Mata ji’s hand on navratri. We will follow our ritual. come mata ji lit and start the pooja. They all go to temple. Prem stands outside. Simar says lets go prem. Prem says at this moment the most important thing is to reach that woman. Give me the address. Simar says sid will go there. Prem says why are you arguing. Simar says i will give it later. Come to pooja. Simar comes to temple. Prem is standing outside. Simar says whats the matter. come here.

Amar is running from indra. She sees the locket and says i can stop him from going home. She makes a bike hit amar. AMar stands up and says you wanna kill me? you can’t. Indra throttles him. Amar realizes that his locket fell on the road while he was hit. Amar says you cant decide my future. A pooja caravan is coming on the road. The mantra hurts Indra’s head. Amar runs. She says shut up.
Mata ji says prem come here and do the pooja with everyone. Prem wonders what to do now. Prem says you do the pooja, my hand hurts. I will be back in a while. He leaves. Simar says is doubt right? Mata ji asks simar what are you doing? Simar says stay in the temple. Sid says tell me that woman’s address. She tells him. Sid leaves.
Anjali sees the temple thread. Sanjana says lets go place it in temple. Prem sees them. Simar comes upstairs.

Precap-Indra laughs along with that woman. Indra says she is not the woman that scares me. She is my mentor.

Written Update By Atiba


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