Sasural Simar Ka 28th November 2016 Written Update

Sasural Simar Ka 28th November 2016 Written Episode Update


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Sasural Simar Ka 28th November 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Khushi says Mataji I knew you would as simar to welcome anjali. So I prepared too. Anjali arrives with Piyush. Anjali hugs KB. Simar and KB both do her arti. Anjali goes and hugs Prem. She says dad don’t tell me your eyes are teary. I just left for a day and you are already melodramatic. She meets and hugs mataji. Anjali says how is everyone? Why are you all looking at me like that? I am so happy. KB says anjali lets go upstairs and do gossip.
Piyush tells simar vikram was really caring towards Anjalu. sImar says but we will have to be careful still. Prem comes. Prem says whom were you two talking about vikram? Simar says we were discussing when he come.. Prem says you think you would lie and I wouldn’t know? No one understands your body language more than me. And whatever you two are planning halt it. and your son, he is some spy. He came to my office and then to house as spy. It starts raining and the water fills in the ditch. Kali feels labor pain. Kali says my child wants to be born right now. Kali sits there. She picks up Naina on her shoulders. Kali says God give me strength.

Prem says he went there to spy as well. Anjali is happy and Vikram is a good guy. Please stay away from anajli. You have done enough with her and me. And you piyush you don’t even have a namely relation with me so stay away. He leaves. Piyush says ma why papa always says this. No matter what happens I will expose that vikram.
Mataji comes and says after that? What will happen to anjali? It will ruin her life. Simar says her life would be saved. When you have a wrong life partner how can you walk on right path. There is no point of relationship. No one has right to ruin a girl’s life. I will fight this battle.

Anjali says to KB vikram is just perfect. He is so nice. My life is so good now. KB says tell me how was your wedding night? Did vikram give you any gift? Anjali says I will show you. She shows her the locket Vikram gave her. Anjali says you are so lucky. Anjali says try it. KB says thank you. Kb wears it. She says wow it is so good. Vikram calls Anjali. Anjali goes out. KB says I had to kick out anjali out of bharadwaj property that is why i didn’t stop her wedding even after knowing his reality.
ANjali says I am missing you. He says I am coming. Anjalu says just come and pick me up and at night? Vikram says at night what? Anjali smiles. Vikram says tai ji is calling me.
Simar asks aanjali how was the food? Anjali says vikram loved it. Even if it was bad he would love it. He is a good human and he loves me. Btw have you packed up? 1.5 days are over. Rest just one day is left. In a few hours you will have to leave this house. Simar says we shouldn’t celebrate before finish line. I have no issue in losing you. But your defeat is better for you. I want to see your better future. I hope you see his reality soon. Anjali says you call yourself my mom, and you are waiting for my marriage to end. Anjali says your countdown has started. If I come here I will have to insult you. So pack your bags and leave this house.
simar says I don’t know what to do. Piyush says I have an idea. I have thought something. Come with me ma.

Piyush takes simar to jail. He says to Vadhai ma was with you when whole world left you. Now when we need you to save anjali you are doing this? Lets go ma she won’t help us. Vadhai says what will I have to do? Tell me what plan you have? I will do anything to save anjali. Simar says for that you will have to stay in jail. but don’t worry. We have talked to constable you won’t have any trouble. Simar explains her the plan. They leave.
Simar comes home. Vikram is there. He touches simar’s feet. He says how are you? I hope now you don’t think of me as a bad person. Simar says yeah I know. Truth finds its way. Vikram says yes. Vikram says hi piyush how are you? Piyush says I am fine Mataji says where did you go simar? Simar says we went to get gifts for vikram and anjali. Rajhinder says first lets eat. Everyone does the dinner. sattu says the food is so good. Who made it? Mataji says simar obviously. Vikram says now I know where anjali learned to cook. Simar says heart everyone will knwo your reality vikram. His phone rings. Vikram picks. Vadahi says its me vikram. He says whose number is it? She says its a lady constable. she says I lost vikram and you won. I made a mistake. Take your charges back. I will leave. Vikram says how can I know you are not lying? she says i don’t have anyone here. I would need some money to start new a life. He says how much? Vadahi says 25lac. He says what? vadhai says i promise I will never show you my face again. He says okay I will bring money by now you know that I can do anything. Don’t try to play any game with me this time. Vadahi says I know. I promise I will leave forever. He says i will talk to inspector he will release you and you will get your money.

Precap-Agarwal says to vikram why you need this money? Vikram says I need to clear some amounts. Piyush to simar vadahi will record everything is spy cam. Anjali overhears it.

Written Update by Atiba

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