Sasural Simar Ka 28th July 2016 Written Update

Sasural Simar Ka 28th July 2016 Written Episode Update


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Sasural Simar Ka 28th July 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Pari and Khushi come to the detective Prem has appointed to find Simar. Khushi says I will give you double amount for not finding her. Pari says and you can get prem’s amount too. He says I can’t deciet my client ever but this I don’t mind it. He laughs. Pari and Khushi giggle too.
Simar and Piyush are on their way. Priyush says how long will it take? Simar says he is like anjali. Tomorrow will be sixth year when I won’t be with her. Piyush says we will have so much fun. We will get burgers. we will stay there forever. Simar recalls how Prem used to be excited for plans.
Kaka says to Rohan should I bring you food? Rohan says choti maa will bring it. Rita says ma says choti maa is on leave with her son. I will make breakfast for my kids. Roshni says are you sure mama? Rita says I make fantastic food. You will forget taste of your choti maa’s food. She goes to kitchen. Rohan says we are dead. Rita serves them bread, it is over cooked. Kapoor comes and says whats in breakfast? Rohan says take it its so good. He says who made this burnt bread. Rita says I. He says but why? She says you taunt me when I dont do anything. Kapoor says I promised kids I will take them to burgers. Rita says what sumit.. Who will eat this? Roshni says give them to ramu and moti. Rita says who are they? Roshni says the stray dogs. Sumit says lets go.
Roshni says you are the best papa in the world. Sumit says Roshni you have temperature. I should call doctor. Roshni says choti maa will make me tea. No doctor please. Sumit says but she isn’t home today. Roshni says i want choti ma.. she is crying.

Simar and Piyush reach the park. Roshni calls simar and cries. simar says what happened? Roshnu says please come here papa has gone to call doctor. I have fever. I will be okay. Sumit takes the phone. Simar says what happened to Roshni. Sumit says I have called the doctor don’t worry about her. Roshni says I won’t see doctor until she comes. Simar says I will come back. Sumit says she will be okay. Simar says no I am coming back.
Piyush says no way we are not going back. This isn’t fair. I won’t go. SImr says don’t be stubborn. Piyush says you are not her mom. Simr says she isn’t strong like you. Piyush says I won’t go back. Simar says I won’t talk to you if you are stubborn like this. You are my good son. I promise we will come again here. Simar and Piyush go back.

KB asks Anjali have you packed your clothes? Anjali says yes. KB says no one should know we are going for your shoot. Anjali says no one will.. Mataji comes there. Mataji says are you two going anywhere? KB says anjali wasn’t feeling well so I thought I should take her on walk. Mataji says with the bag? Whats in the bag. Anjali says my old clothes, I will give them to poor kids. Mataji says very good but have breakfast first. KB says she has had breakfast. Mataji says okay.

Prem calls the detective and says I think Simar is in Mumbai and staying there with a different name. It will take time to find her. Prem says don’t worry just try your best. I will send your payment check. Detective says yes please. He hangs up and says I will keep your mind roaming around the country.
Simar makes Roshni tea. She says you are so well now. Roshni says this is your tea’s magic. Roshni says can you sleep here today? Simar says yes. Piyush leaves the room. Roshni says I think he is mad. Simar goes after piyush and looks for him. Simar says I am sorry piyush. Sumit comes and says I should apologize rather. I am sorry. Piyush says its okay uncle. Simar says what about mama? Piyush says yes you too. Simar hugs him.
Sumit says I am going to Dehli tomorrow will you two want to go with me? You will hang out too. Simar says in heart Dehli my Prem’s city. Tomorrow is anjali’s birthday too. I want to see her she must be so grown up.

Mataji says to everyone you are all so busy in your lives that you don’t remember special days. Tomorrow is Anajli’s birthday. Sujata says how could I forget.Mataji says we should celebrate it like simar used to. Anjali says I will order her favorite cake. Prem says Anjali liked simar’s made cake. Prem says I will make arrangements for party. Anjali comes and says what party? Sujata says your papa has a new contract for that. Anjali says whatever.
Mataji says there are flaws in her up bringing but its not too late. We can still make her better but with love only. Sujata says this party should be specail so she knows how important it is for her.
Prem sees Simar’s picture and says you never missed me in these six years? Simar says to Prem’s picture in these six years I missed you every day. Prem says come back in my life. I will do anything for that. Simar says I am coming to your city. Near you. I want to see you and anjali once. I realize I won’t be able to meet. This was my fate I guess. We can’t be each others even when we are each others. But its okay. I will see you and anjali once at least.

Precap-Simar comes to Bharadwaj house with her face covered. A lady says who are you? Anjali comes and asks who are you? Simar says I am at wrong address I guess.

Written Update by Atiba

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