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Sasural Simar Ka 26th October 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Amar asks simar what happened? She says I saw the same mark on that woman’s hand. Did i know that I and prem have been together for years. Amar says what are you trying to say? Simar says this is all a sign. This woman has something to do with us. Amar says maybe she saw it somewhere and got it tattoed. Simar says maybe but we have to follow her. Amar says okay lets go.

In bharadwaj house, everyone is scared that indra has listened. She says you didn’t do good. You pretended to help me and yet you got me insulted in front of thakur. I did so much hard work. I will punish you for this. Pari says forgive us we wont do this khushi. Khushi says you gave us so much troubles so we did a little too. Indra says and what about what simar did to me 100 years ago? She is trying to atone yet you too.. You will be punished. Shallu says please punish them. Sankalp says yes please they are immature. Indra says no one can stop me. prem comes downstairs, indra says you know what they did. Prem says i heard everything. Please forgive me. Indra says dont say that. Prem says I will punish them. They wont eat anything for next 7 days. They will be hungry. Khushi says in heart thank God they came on time. Indra says why don’t you get them hanged. Prem says so that makes fun of whole family? Indra says this is not fair. Prem says punishment should be according to sin. your punish wasn’t very harsh either. I didn’t get your hands cut.

Amar and prem come to that woman’s house. She says you people? I gave you water.
Who are you and what you want? You followed me to my house. Go from here. Simar says we are from good family. You can inquire about us, just listen to us. We need your help. She says I can’t involve in anything. Amar says just five minutes you can save a life. she says okay come in.
Simar shows her the photo. She says this has same mark as on your hand. She says this is my birth mark. Simar says you are somehow related to my story. Let me tell you everything from beginning, maybe then you can help me.

Indra comes and asks where is simar? Rajhinder says her mom is not well she has gone to meet her. Indra says in heart i have to find out. Lets see if she is actually there or not. she says you people are concealing truth. She reads something and sprinkles it on rajhinder, sujataa and akruna. She does it on everyone.

The woman says you mean I was this woman in my past life? And this man is and was your husband. She says are you out of your mind? What kind of stories are these? Nice way of fooling people. In half an hour you found my and your 100 years old relation. Please go from here. Simar says we need your help. She says if you dont go i will call cops. She shoves them out and locks the door.

Prem sees indra going out. He says I have to stop her. Prem says Indra wait come here. Indra says i guess he is in trouble. She goes upstairs. Prem shows him that his hand is cut. She says how did this happen. he says I am punishing myslef for being unfair for you. she says you didn’t have to do this. You have all the rights. Prem says in heart if she touches me she will find out that I am not under her magic. Prem says I am so ashamed. Indra says its okay dont blame yourself and looks your hand is bleeding. I will heal this. she is about to touch him, prem steps back and falls on bed. Indra is dazed at his behavior. She comes close to him.
Indra holds prem’s hands while he is on bed.

Precap-Simar and amar come in and see everyone statued by indra. Simar asks why you did this jiji? Indra says I have been deceived and I punish such people.

Written Update By Yasir


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