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Sasural Simar Ka 26th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka watch online

Scene 1
Simar is in her room. She sees sindur. She recalls when prem filled her hairline. Prem comes and makes her wear wedding locket. He says sindur is incomplete without this. Simar says in heart I don’t know if i will come back or not. Maybe this is our last conversation. Prem hugs her from back and says no one can part us not even death. Simar hugs him.

Mata ji makes simar eat the sweet. Roli says both of my sisters are leaving. You have to take care of each other. Anjali comes. She is scared of simar. Simar says mama made a mistake I will never do that again. Promise. Sorry. Anjali steps back. Devika says in heart everyone can’t be so great. Mata ji says in heart I am going away from my people but my soul and prayers will always be with them. Sid says simar you will reach there soon and come back soon. Roli says will pooja be going for 4 days? Sid says its just 4 days. They will pass. Simar says to devika we should leave. Prem says I will drop you. Simar says no. I mean why you are doing this. We will take taxi. Mata ji says you should go with prem.
Simar leaves the house. She says in heart I have to do this. SHe recalls when she first came there as a bride.She recalls all the good moments in that house.

Prem, Simar and Devika are on their way. Prem asks what time is the bus? DEvika says 8. Prem says we will reach before time. Devika texts someone call prem ji. Prem gets a call. He says how is this possible? The meeting was at 9. How can it be preponed. Prem says I forgot presentation file home. devika says bus stop is near. We will go. We will take a taxi from here. SImar says we will go don’t worry.

Winds start blowing, mata ji asks karuna to shut the windows. She says windows are already shut. Mata ji says then why is this candle blowing. What is this. Why I feel so empty. Please do something God.
Prem says to simar promise me you will take care. Prem holds her hand. Simar says I will. She leaves. Noor e khuda plays in backgroud. SImar comes back and hugs prme. She says I love you. He says I love you too.Simar sits in the taxi and leaves.

Prem comes home and hears the news that simar’s bus has met an accident. He is dazed. Pari and Uma call mata ji. Reporter says everyone is the bus has died. Everyone comes in. Pari says no one is alive in the bus. Mata ji says I can’t believe this. GOd can’t take simar from us. Roli says this is a lie. Simar can’t leaves us. Simar hears roli’s voice. they turn back. Mata ji says simar? devika and simar come in. Roli says i knew that news was not true. Simar says we missed the bus. We were waiting for next one when we heard the news. mata ji says come to temple. devika says siamr you can’t enter the house. Simar says why? devika says once you step out for this you can’t enter the home back.SImar cant enter the house. roli says please go tomorrow. Uma says but where will simar live? devika says she can stay in my house.

Devika says to simar we handled everything. SImar says we would have started it by now. Devika says we still have time. You have to leave your body before 12. Simar sees someone coming in. Its amar.

Precap-Simar and devika do the pooja. Simar stands up. Her soul leaves her body.

Written Update By Atiba


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