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Sasural Simar Ka 26th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka watch online

Scene 1
Simar says how can that little girl harm someone? Chantu says she is not innocent for everything. That little bride is responsible for everything. simar says you know her? Chantu says nimo was telling me that malti uses little bride to achieve her motives.
At night, Roli comes and sees mata ji asleep. She says to Simar I have locked the door, mata ji can’t go anywhere at night. Simar says you should go and sleep. I will keep an eye on her. Roli leaves.

Simar is doing sanju and anjali’s work. She sees little bride. Simar follows her. She goes towards chantu’s room. Simar comes to chantu’s room. She says are you okay? Chantu says what happened? simar says I saw her coming here. I thought she knows that you are helping me. chantu says no one came here. I am fine. Dont worry about me. Until I wear this thread nothing can harm me. SImar says I feel better now. I have locked mata ji’s room from outside. Chantu says thats better. Simar hear anjali’s voice. Anjali and sanju say we are sleepy. Simar goes in room with anjali. sanu sees a ball she goes after it. The ball trespasses chantu. Anjali is shocked. Chantu says that was magic. You wanna see more? The ball comes near sanju. Chantu says now you see it. I am a magician but don’t tell anyone okay? Or I wont do it again. This is your and my secret. Simar comes and picks sanju.
Chatu locks the room and comes in he witch attire. She says simar.. If only you knew I am the soul. I am malti. I wont leave nirmala. And I will seek revenge of my death as her friend sunanda. she laughs and says your daughter saw my secret. I have to do something.

Simar gives mata ji’s bangle to Guru ma. She reads a mantra. Guru ma says place it in your temple. It will stop all evil powers for sometime. You have to do it before 12. Simar says I will.
Roli says I am making green tea for sid. She sees sid in hall doing yoga. She is shocked. Roli says what is this? You do jogging or gym. Yoga? and that too in this attire. What are you wearing? Sid says I read in newspaper about yoga. She says it takes ages for people to learn it. How were you doing it perfectly. She shears simar’s voice. Roli goes downstairs. She asks what happened? The lock is broken. Karuna says who broke it? mata ji broke it. Karuna says I am really worried for her. Mata ji comes in with some stuff. She says look at this, this is your work for today. Roli says we have done our work already. Mata ji says I will judge that. Chantu says what are you doing? Prem says mata ji.. Mata ji says how will you look in kitchen? So better not talk. She says how dare you lock me in my room? you can’t detain me. I have my ways. I have people. So this is your punishment. simar says we actually.. mata ji says its done. Simar says we will do all the work. She says these are all the grains and you 5 will clean it and don’t forget tomorrow’s work. Jhanvi says i have to go to hospital I have a patient in ICU. Mata ji says to hell with him and I will send you all to ICU if you don’t do your work. Chantu says this is wrong. Mata ji leaves. Chantu says I don’t think she will even listen to me.

Sid’s car breaks down on road. He hears some smell and goes after it. He is standing in front of same house. Sid goes in the house.

Precap-The lady says come near me. Chantu asks her is everything going right? She says yes. Chantu says to choti dulhan you can’t run from me.

Written Update By Atiba


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