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Sasural Simar Ka 24th June 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Everyone comes home and sees that whole lounge is messed up and furniture broke. Mata ji says what has happened. Karuna says did someone break in? Amar says sid lets check. Sid says everything is there. Its not theft. Rajhinder says is it some storm? Mataji says there was no storm. Prerna says Prem and simar were here last night. They call out their names. Kamiya comes and says Prem and simar are not home. Mata ji says what are you doing here? Kamiya says simar called me so I came. Mata ji says why would she? Simar comes in and says Kamiya is right. Simar and Prem come in. simar says I asked her to come. Prem says what happened in the house? Mata ji says we were about to ask you. Where were you? Simar tells them about the girl. Kamiya says I came here and slept. I don’t know how this happened. Maybe this was some storm. Mataji says thats so careless. Simar says we will fix it.
They all start cleaning and fixing it. Simar makes tea for everyone. Simar gives mataji tea. Mataji says why you called kamiya back? Simar says it was a misunderstanding. Mataji says if you dont doubt her then we don’t either. Be careful.

Sid comes to prerna’s room with tea. She is busy sketching. Prerna says haven’t you rested. You worked all night. He says did you sleep? She says yeah i couldn’t rest either. I was checking accounts. He says better focus on art of my tea. SHe says you made it? sid says I went to kitchen to make tea. I couldn’t find anything. The kitchen is so complicated. Simar woke up and made this poha but I made the tea. Try it. Sid says isn’t it good? Prerna says its too good. Sid says perfect. She says we won’t need cook. Sid says try the poha. Roli says what is it? There is a letter. Prerna opens it its money. She says cash? Where is it from?and why? Sid says hardwork’s money. Prerna says I can’t keep it. Sid says you have to. Eat poha now.
They both eat poha.
Pari and khushi say what has prerna done that sid gave her this much money? Anyone could do that. Khushi says we could do better than her.

Kamiya is drying her hair in balcony. Some thugs and stare at her. Prem sees them. prem asks them to leave. The thug says is this your dad’s road? Prem says that house is my dad’s. He says is she your wife or gf. Prem says what if she was your sister? Go leave now.
Prem comes to Kamiya’s room. She says what has happening there? prem says this is not new york. You have to take care of what you wear. Prem says your security is my responsibility. I don’t have a right to tell you what should you wear but he gives her a sari. Prem says it would be better if you wear this. Prem leaves.
Mataji is doing pooja. Simar comes and says mata ji your hand was about to burn? What were you doing? Where is your concentration? Mata ji says just not feeling well. Simar says why? Mata ji says I feel like something wrong is gonna happen. Simr says don’t say that. Mataji says baba ji is out of contact and the maani is displaced as well. Simar says don’t worry. Mata ji says i am so worried. If it was storm people would have known about it. It looked for our house. So much has happened. I am scared.
Simar says I will lit the candle you will feel better. If you are worried like this who would take care of us? And you say we should face everything. We placed maani at right place. Mata ji says I hope you are right.

Precap-Anjali starts coughing. Mataji says what happened. Karuna says simar you have peanuts. you know anjali is allergic to them because Khushi is too. If she was your daughter you won’t have been so careless.

Written Update by Atiba

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