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Sasural Simar Ka 23rd December 2015 Written Update

Sasural Simar Ka watch online

Scene 1
Mata ji says we will surely do the pooja. Simar walks towards the temple.
Patali says run as much as you can devika. The shadow is with her. Patali hits a stone with her gold ball, it strikes her back. Shadow says I warned you, your powers can be weak here. Patali says this means that devika’s power can cut mine. she is somewhere near.

Simar is doing the pooja and in anti clockwise direction. Everyone is dazed. Patali says this sindur is coming in my way again and again.
Karuna says you were doing wrong arti? Simar suddenly is shocked. she says I was doing wrong arti? And all this? Simar says jai patali devi maa. Mataji hears it. She says in heart why did simar take patali’s name.
Patali says she must be worried. Your God will leave you to die Devika. This is how weak your faith is. She laughs. Patali says see God your followers are scared of Patali. Devika comes in front of her. Simar lits the candle. It blows over and over again. Simar takes the candle and places it near the coconut she lights it there. Everyone wonders what simar is trying to do.

Devika says you dont know God’s powers. Patali says you will know my powers in a few minutes. Devika holds a locket in front of her. She puts sindur on herself. Devika says see her sindur and locket are so powerful that you can’t do anything. Patali says call you mata rani here, let me see how long can she protect you. Patali reads a mantra. Suddenly devika falls in her feet. Patali says your mata rani is not coming to save you. Of you concealed the idol in trees.

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