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Sasural Simar Ka 22nd October 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
The woman comes in. Indra and Guru bow down to her. She blesses them both. Rana says so you are with indra and planning all this.
Present: Khushi comes in and says to amar i can’t stop her anymore. Amar says just a few more minutes. he hypnotizes simar again.
Amar says try to see simar, Simar says i couldn’t see anything. It was all dark. There was a mark on her fist. What happened that night. Who was that woman? We need to find answers of these questions. There are so many questions. Amar says don’t think about it. You have to go back to that life. we have to figure out who that woman is. Simar says what if indra does something to prem. Amar says you have decide what is more important.

Indra says to prem what are you thinking? He says i can’t believe simar could kill you and me. and she killed her dad as well. Because of her you had to live in painting. indra says let it go. Calm down. Simar is listening in. He says I feel so bad. She says no. You are my strength. Simar says jiji.. Indra says come in. Simar says i wanted to say something. its navratri. If i don’t do the pooja with my husband my fast will be incomplete. Can I do pooja with prem in temple. Indra says what can i say. Prem says i wont go anywhere because you are not my wife. Simar says i know i have made the mistake please forgive me. Simar says jiji please ask him. Simar says why are you doing this? Why can’t you give me one chance. Prem recalls his moments with simar. He says why can’t i recall anything. Indra says in heart he can’t recall anything of this life so he will never be ready for this pooja.
Simar says maybe God also wants me to atone for my past sins. Prem says okay. For God’s sake I will come with you in pooja as your husband. indra says simar why are you annoying him. she says you can.. Prem asks her to be quite. he says i will go to this pooja.

They go downstairs for pooja. Prem enters the temple. Simar says if your doubt me indra please dont i am not playing any game. Prem’s head hurts. He says whats wrong with me. SImar says just now you came out of indra’s magic. Prem says what are you saying. simar says she is seeing us. She should feel like we are doing the pooka.
She cant listen to us. Just pretend like you are doing the pooja. She tells him how she saw the past and got to know indra’s plan. She says we have to find the answers so we can know how to end indrawati. Prem says how will we do it? Simar says when you go out of temple. she will do magic on you. You have to wear this thread it will protect you. Prem says i dont know how rana thakur used to talk.How will i pretend. Simar tells him. Simar says indra is looking here. she shouldn’t doubt. prem comes out of temple. Simar says prem ji.. He shouts stay away from me. I am not your prem.

Precap-Simar gives the keys to indra and says this is yours so everyone knows that this sasural is not simar’s its indra’s.

Written Update By Atiba


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