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Sasural Simar Ka 22nd June 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Prerna says there is something with this Kamiya. Simar says I trust prem completely when I think about kamiya it disturbs me. Prerna says we will keep an eye on her. We will expose her. Simar says she can’t take away prem from me. Prem will never hurt me. Simar says let it go. Kamiya sees Anjali sleeping with Prem. She sees that Anjali is about to sleep. She picks her up. Kamiya faints and falls on bed. There is a witch behind her. she lays fainted Kamiya on bed with Prem. She says in anjali’s voice..mama.. Simar says Anjali is calling me? Prem slept with her. Simar comes to room and is dazed to see Kamiya on Prem’s bed. simar shouts Kamiya.. Everyone comes.. Simar slaps Kamiya and says how dare you.. Prem says wait.. Simar says she has crossed every limit. Mata ji says what has she done? Simar says she was asleep next to Prem on same bed. Mataji says what is she saying kamiya.. Kamiya says I don’t know how I came on this bed. Khushi says simar never lies. Why you came to this room? Kamiya tells them that anjali was about to slip.. After that I don’t remember. Simar says you think we are fools? Kamiya says please trust me. Simar says you could go back to your room. Simar says I won’t hear a single more word. I knew your intentions. You proved me right. You came here to take prem to me. Simar tells everyone about her faking onion from fever. Prem says she did this for you gift. Simar takes it out and throws away.Simar says I wont hear a single more word. Enough. Pack your stuff and get out of here. Prem says simar calm down. Prem says what are you saying. Simar says I have decided. Now its upto. Either I will live here or she.
Kamiya says it all happened because of me. I should leave. prem says its too late. Where will she go? Kamiya says I have a friend, he lives here he will pick me up. Simar says very good. pack your stuff and leave.
Kamiya says I came with no wrong intentions. Anyone would have reacted the way Simar did. I didn’t know how it happened. I am really sorry if I have hurt you.
Kamiya leaves.
Kamiya places her stuff in the car. She says good bye to everyone. Kamiya leaves. PRerna says don’t feel guilty simar. It was her fault. What you did was right.

Scene 2
prem says you have blamed her character. I didn’t expect this from you. Simr says but I saw.. Prem says its okay. You did what you had to. She has left, you can sleep now. He sleeps. Simar sleeps too. The witch sits between them.
Mahamaya says kaal has to come. The moment is close. She laughs.

Mata ji come to meet baba. Pandit tells her that he is not here. He went to find maani but he didn’t return. He will come back and I will inform you. Mata ji is worried.Mata ji says take care of babaa ji God. And I hope everything is okay between Prem and Simar.
Simar brings Prem tea. Simar says if you think I am wrong then I will apologize Kamiya but please don’t be mad. I cant let you go away from me. Sorry. Prem holds her hands and says I am not mad at you. I thought about it and I realized what you saw.. anyone would have reacted same. Kamiya doesn’t know about rituals. I will talk to her. I am yours and I will always be. I will never hurt you. I will talk to Kamiya. Kamiya calls him. she says let me talk. prem says no I will talk to her. Simar says what have I done.

Precap-Prem calls simar and says where are you? He says just come home. Simar comes home no one is there. Everything is messed up.

Written Update by Atiba

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