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Sasural Simar Ka 21st October 2015 Written Update

Sasural Simar Ka watch online

Scene 1
Khushi said to pari i will pretend to indra like i am in her control. Indra asks khushi was simar there? Khushi said yes. Indra throws something on her. She asks Khushi to leave.
Khushi comes to temple and says thank God everything is going fine.

100 years back: Indra comes to room and drags padma by hair. Pandit ji grasps indra. He says go tell thakur everything. Padma says i can’t leave you alone like this. He says you have to go.He says this witch will destroy everything now go. Padma runs. Indra says all the soldiers are either faint or in my control. Who will save padma? She kicks him. she says you are not my dad. Because you never gave me respect of elder daughter. You always gave my right to padma. Your padma ran and left you alone in your last time. And I am here. with you in your end. To say good bye. She laughs.

Padma operates to thakur. Thakur is While using the Expert witch.She’s doing some black magic on her. Padma shoves her and hits her which has a vase. Rana gets up. He suggests how am i below? She suggests they did magic on you. She tells him that indra killed pandit ji. Rana states i wont depart you. Padma says no you can’t do anything at all at the moment. You should keep alive for our men and women. We should head out from here. They run. Indra comes and gets her Expert up. She asks who did this? she claims i commenced the pooja but padma came and attacked me. She took thakur from below. Padma and thakur see the many troopers faint. Rana asks his soldier to open up the doorway. He doesn’t listen. He states I am able to’t let you go out. All of his soldiers are less than indra’s Manage. Indra is available in the corridor. She says thakur appear below, no one is going that will help you. belief me I’ll forgive Anyone, even padma. Should you reject my provide, I will demolish almost everything. She starts in search of them. She states you have time to this sand to come back down, till you select. Rana states to padma we really need to head out. She says your daily life is in peril. Rana says thats no more important than my individuals. You might stay below till I eliminate her. She suggests When your forgive and marry her we could save a lot of lives. He suggests no, I will encounter her. Possibly she’ll be alive these days or me. I can’t give your place to any individual. Indra picks up the sand clock. Rana comes before her. Padma arrives in addition. He states I questioned you not to come back. Padma suggests forgive me, fate understands if we will likely be with each other or apart. But today i have to be with. she is a sinner and she is going to be punished And that i is going to be along with you in this. Indra states i will eliminate padma with these fingers and you wont have the capacity to do anything thakur.
Pandit opens his eyes. Padma suggests allows see what God has decided. A girl comes in and claims not God, I’ll determine it. Her encounter is covered.

Precap-The lady comes in. indra and her guru bow down to her. Rana states you will be at the rear of indra In this particular fame.

Written Update By Sahir


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