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Sasural Simar Ka 21st June 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Prerna hears Kamiya saying on call my story with prem will start soon because i love prem. Prerna says I have to inform simar. They are all watching birthday video. Prerna says simar I want to talk. She takes simar to side. Prerna says I don’t know how to tell. i heard her talking to someone on call. She tells her everything. SImar is dazed. Simr syas what. Prerna says don’t worry but still just.. you know what I mean. Simar says I trust prem but I feel eerie about Kamiya too. I will talk to prem ji about it. Sid says prerna lets go. We have a meeting with Mr.Agarwal. Simar says I will talk to sid.
Prerna and sid leave.
Uma says this wedding planning idea is so good. Pari says yes it is. Mta ji recalls that she didn’t find the maani there.
Mataji calls pandit ji and says I am really worried. I feel like something else is coming to our family. Please inquire about that maani. you have to do something. Is it possible baba?Baba says I will go there and try to find it. Meet me tomorrow. Mata ji says thank you so much.

Prem looks for Simar. He sees Kamiya watering the plants. She says I like plants. Prem says its about to rain. Kamiya says rememeber we used to enjoy so much in rain. You dont’ need rain to get wet. She moves the pipe towards him. They both get wet.Kamiya slips. prem holds her, she holds his shirt. Prem laughs. Simar sees them like this. Simar says what is all this. Kamiya says I was about to slip prem saved me. Simar says Kamiya you should change. Kamiya goes in. Prem says why are you overreacting? She just slipped so I helped her.
Pari says Kamiya has fainted. Sujata says did you have to get wet. Uma says she has fever. Mata ji says prem call the doctor. Prem says his phone is not reachable. Mata ji says take her to clinic. Prem says okay. prem takes Kamiya to clinic. Simar feels jealous.

Sid and prerna are having meeting. prerna says lets combine the functions. We can save 5 days to 2. We can save money and buy gifts for your guests. He says yeah this is a good idea. She says you don’t have to worry. Sid says wow.
Simar calls prerna and tells her about what happened and that prem has taken kamiya to clinic. prerna says talk to prem when they come back. Simar comes to Kamiya’s room.She sees on an onion under Kamiya’s pillow. Simar sees her tab, prerna was searching for ways to get fever with onion. Prerna calls simar and tells her that she saw prem and Kamiya in cafe.

Prerna says on call, you get simar what i am saying? Simar says what you were saying about her was right. The proof is in front of me. Prerna says what to do now? Simar says we have to tell her how strong our bond is. Let them come home. Prerna says be careful.
Prerna climbs the ladder and says I have gotten all decorations on terrace. She slips, Sid picks her up. All the flowers fall on them. The song bheegi sarko py main plays in background. Prerna says put me down. Sid says I will bring more flowers.
Prem and Kamiya come in. Kamiya says the coffee was good. Simar is waiting for them. Simar says sternly. is your fever over? You look better. She shows her something on screen. Simar says you were searching how to increase body temperature with onion? what should it mean? Kamiya says I wanted to tell you. Simar says I am not blind. prem says she didn’t mean that. Simar says I know her intentions. Prerna heard her talking on call, she said she wants and affair with you. Kamiya says i didn’t say that? Kamiya says oh God. This is a misunderstanding. I was talking to my friend. She was talking about mainy pyarr kia movie. I was talking about prem character. Simar says then why you went to coffee with him and pretended that you have fever? Prem shows her an anklet and says she did all this because of this. Kamiya says I didn’t gift you anything. I had to buy something for you. I am really sorry. She makes simar wear the anklet.
Kamiya says he is my very good friend and he is your husband.
Prem says I liked it when you were jealous. She is my childhood friend.

Precap-Simar sees Kamiya in bed with Prem. Simar shouts Kamiya.. Simar says how dare you. she slaps Kamiya. Prem wakes up too.

Written Update by Atiba

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