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Sasural Simar Ka 21st February 2016 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Guru maa asks simar to make symbol in third mirror. The woman says save me. Simar sees a crying little girl in second mirror. Simar says who is this little girl? She is crying. Guru maa says make the symbol, don’t waste time. It is their trick. Simar says please leave this child how can she harm someone. Suddenly the little girl smiles. They break the mirror and come out of it.
Guru maa says what have you done Simar. The white girl hits Guru maa with a mirror. She falls down. Guru maa says these are the evil souls.

Simar takes guru maa to hospital. Doctor says she has gone in coma. Simar says you’re in this condition because of me. You tried to save my family. I was scared for that girl. I should have listened to you. Mata ji is outside the door. She hears everything.
Mata ji comes home. Pari says uma bhabhi lets go to room. Mata ji says stay here. She says I couldn’t even imagine you can do this. and you.. she grasps roli’s arm. she says you pretended Rajhinder’s accident. Your guru maa was in same hospital and I heard simar talking. Roli says I did this for our family. You always say that the truth that is for everyone’s better is greater than lies. Mata ji says don’t dare arguing with me i will kick you out of the house. sid says she did this for family. Mata ji says don’t be your wife’s lawyer. Simar comes in. Mata ji laughs and claps. She says very good. You understand that you are responsible for all this. Because this was your plan. You get it that you can’t mess with me. Simar says this is my fault. Mata ji says no no this isn’t your mistake. It was my mistake to pardon you but I won’t repeat it. You will get out of this house, this moment. Prem says no mata ji. Simar wont go anywhere. It was all of us. Mata ji says then all of you get out of this house. She says I don’t need anyone. Rajhinder says what are you saying, you can’t live without us. Karuna says can you live alone? Mata ji says I am not alone, I have a friend, who lives in this house with me. She looks somewhere and smiles. The door opens. Mata ji smiles and goes in her room.
Roli says this has something to do with those 3 souls. Sid says who is she talking about? Roli says there is a way.

Uma is in store room, suddenly the lights go off. She says is there someone? She takes out mata ji’s album.
Simar says this was a good idea. We will find mata ji’s photograph. They start rummaging through photos. Simar says some photos are missing. Roli checks the other album, simar says it has no photos of any friend of mata ji. Uma says has mata ji taken them out? Karuna says how will we know which friend was she talking about?

Simar comes in mata ji’s room with food. Mata ji says I dont wanna eat get out. Simar says please eat. Don’t be angry. Mata ji looks at the food and says okay. Keep it here. Simar collides with her and all the food spills on the floor. Mata ji says are you blind, I just changed my clothes. Simar says I am sorry mata ji. change your sari, I will more food for you and three cups tea as well. Mata ji says but first clean all this. Simar starts looking for photos in the room.
Everyone else is doing pooja outside. Simar is looking for photos. She finds some photos behind daddu ji’s photos. Simar sees the photos. Mata ji is coming out. Simar says these are those photos.

Precap-Rajhinder says simar be careful. Simar says don’t worry for me. Just pray I get what I want. Simar and Prem are going out, a woman comes in. Mata ji says you here?

Written Update By Atiba


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