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Sasural Simar Ka 2 February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka watch online

Scene 1
Patali says I have done the justice today. I have made simar my slave and proved I am the most powerful. Even more than your mata rani. This simar is my slave. Now Simar has to live here forever. Devika says please don’t do this. Simar bows down to gaitri. Patali says she can only hear me now. she will only do what I ask. Simar says I will only do what patali devi orders me to do. I am her slave from now. Her follower.

Amar calls Jhanvi and tells her that simar’s idol is turning yellow. Jhanvi says what to do now. Amar says we have to put sindur from temple on this. Can you bring it? Jhanvi says it will take an hour I am in hospital. Jhanvi says go take it yourself. We don’t have another option. Its not that easy.

Patali says to simar touch my feet. Devika says no please don’t do this. Simar touches her feet. Patali says you have to pay for all the insult you did to me.
Amar sneaks in Bharadwaj house. Mata ji is in temple. Roli gives her fruits. AMar says mata ji is about to start pooja.
Amar sneaks in the temple. Mata ji feels like someone is there. AMar hides behind pillar. Amar says please help me mata rani. Mata ji says pandit ji said the time is after 12.
Patali says the mata ji you went with, you have to seen revenege from her and everyone. Devika says please don’t do this. They don’t even know. Mata ji starts the pooja.
Patali gives simar a flower and says molest it. Devik says no it will hurt mata ji. don’t do this. simar starts plucking petals. Mata ji’s not feeling well. Mata ji says what is happening to me. I have to comeplete this pooja for simar. Give me strength.
Patali orders simar to crush the flower under foot. Devika says please don’t do this.
Amar says I can’t even help her. I have to take the sindur.
Mata ji holds her hear. Amar tries to take sindur but he spills water. Mata ji reads the mantra. The ganga jal falls on mata ji and the flower falls from siamr’s hands.
Patali says simar do as I ask. Patali says I never forgive I only punish. Amar takes the sindur but roli sees him.

Precap-Patali says get ready for punishment and this is your punishment. You have to walk on the coals.

Written Update By Atiba


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