Sasural Simar Ka 1st November 2016 Written Update

Sasural Simar Ka 1st November 2016 Written Episode Update


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Sasural Simar Ka 1st November 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Vadahi tries to look out but they have all gone inside. Prem welcomes them. Saroj says congratulations Simar. simar says thank you saroj ji for understanding us. you agreed to this wedding. Saroj says I am glad anjali is your daughter, you didn’t conceal anything from me. Our kids will stay happy together. Where is Anjali? KB says here she is. Anjali comes downstairs.
Vadhai says should i go in? but they have a function going on. I can’t what if it creates problems.
The roka starts. Saroj says Anjali from today we have chosen you for our Anhjali. KB says my doll looks so good. She whispers and says your freedom’s passport is here don’t let it go. Mataji asks Prem to do the rituals with Simar.
Saroj says I am waiting for the wedding. We have to prepare for the functions. After that we are getting them married. After the function they leave.
Pari says they didn’t eat all the effort wasted. Uma says we should eat. They all go to table. Anjali says where is the food i am so hungry.. Prem looks at Anjali. He says I can’t believe mataji anjali will be gone from this house. simar says at least you spent those years with her. I couldn’t even know her by now. Maybe this was my fate. Mataji says don’t say that. Simar says the gap between us, I couldn’t bridge it. She will leave this house. Mataji says lets go eat. Simar says i am coming after giving food to vadhai. She has not eaten anything. Mataji says sure.

Vadahi is crying in her room. Simar comes to give her food. simar says where were you going? she says nowhere. Simar says you look worried what happened? Vadhai says aunty I felt like I heard him. Like he was here. I heard him. He was wearing the same brown leather bracelet. simar says tell me how it was. Simar sees the bracelet on the sofa. SHe shows it to Vadai? VAdai says its the same bracelet. Simar says that means he was at my home. She says if he gets to know I am here he will come again. I am scared. simar says don’t worry we got a proof. We know he was one of the people who came our home. We will know from photographs who it was. your sinner will be punished.

Anjali says this dupaatta is so irritating. KB where are you? Simar comes and helps her out. Simar says this isn’t dupatta this is chunar of shagun. They give it to you for protection. Relations are made in years. First trust. Then love. Then for years you have to compromise. Anjalu says don’t you feel ashsamed saying all that? you couldn’t handle yours. Don’t do these old fashioned talks. they are useless like you. Simar says thoughts can be old but relations will always be the same. I had to tell you all this as my responsibility. I told you what I knew.

Simar says to vadai don’t worry he will be punsihed. Vadai says I hope so.

Scene 2
At night, Mataji says Simar this is dhanteras. Simar shows her the silver coins. Mataji says you never forget rituals. Praying in front of them gives you blessings. My diwali was done when God gave me you back.

Saroj says to tao ji, why is preps not done. He says I was busy with roka. Vikram comes and say tai ji I will take you to market. police arrives outside the house. Tao says what happened? They ask is that car yours? He says yes. They say take him. Saroj says what are you saying? Inspector says he kidnapped a girl in this car. Tao ji says vikram why are you quite? Tell him he is wrong. Inspector says proofs will speak now. Vikram says inspector is right. I don’t have to speak the proofs will speak. He shows papers that his car got stolen. He shows the complaint papers. Vikram says is this proof enough? inspector says I am sorry. We might need your cooperation for investiagtion. Vikram says I will come wherever you ask me. saroj says they accused you and you said you will help them? Vikram says thats my duty.

Precap-Prem is on call. simar gets her hand burnt from dia. Prem runs towards her and says where was your mind.. Did it burn much? They look at each other.

Written Update by Atiba

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