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Sasural Simar Ka 19th December 2015 Written Update

Sasural Simar Ka watch online

Scene 1
Simar says why you did all this devika? Speak up. I considered you my sister. You could ask me. Devika says what did i do? Simar says stop this drama. I got to know that you did all this with you magic. I doubted that someone is trying to harm me but I couldn’t think it was you. I was trusting you blindly. i made you my family member here and you did this to me. What I thought and what you were. You are a black magician. I wont let you stay here. Get out of here. Patali laughs. Simar is taken aback. She turns into Patali. Simar says gaitri? Sh says you have a lot to see yet simar.
Simar says how is this possible. Patali laughs. Simar recalls what Indra said about Patali devi. Simar says patali devi.. Patali laughs. She says i am not devika. I am the devi of evils, Patali. You killed my followers. I have been chasing you the day you broke my idol. Patali says you can’t run away from me anymore. I will make you part of my dark world and no one will stop me.

Anjali and simar come to temple. The doll says anjali put ganga jal on me. Please. anjali says why? Devika says please. she says I think simar didi is in trouble for that I have to come out of this doll. Simar tries to run. Patali says you can’t run from me. Simar screams for help. Patali says no one can help you today Simar. Khushi comes there.
Khushi tells simar everything. Simar says i should have understood that you were forced by something. Khushi says she wants to harm you. she is the devi of evils.
Anjali says to sanju my doll is not well. sanju says why can’t i hear her? anjali says because she is my doll.
Khushi says lets run from here. Simar says where will i go? Khushi says run towards the house. she cant harm you there. Simar starts running towards bhaardwaj house.
Simar runs towards bharwadwaj house. Patai grasps her. Simar become under her control.

Precap-Simar dances with patali like a witch.

Written Update By Atiba


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