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Sasural Simar Ka 19 October 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
100 years ago: Thakur comes in and see Padmawati in chains. Rana says are you okay? Indra says you came. I knew you would. Go meet Padma for some moments because after that you will take me to palace and we will be one after that, forever. She says look at these ashes, if i put them on Padma she will die that very moment. So don’t try to play any games.
Rana says I am sorry Padma, this is happening because of me. If I had proposed you, you wont have to face this. But I will get you out of this now. Suddenly there is a blast. indra takes a side and rana unchains Padma. The forces come in. Indra says what is all this? He says you wanted to kill her now I am standing in between, you have to kill me first. She is not detained anymore and I standing between her and her death. Kill me and end this story. If I am alive, you will be punished so ruthlessly that you people will scared to listen to it. Padm says please end all this didi. Indra says don’t do this drama. Rana says you wanted to know why I chose padma over you. You can do any sin for your wish. But Padma she can do anything for others. She jumped in to save her dad. She didn’t care about her life. You were just watching it all from a corner. You can never love anyone. Indra says I really love you. Give me a chance. I will never let you feel her absence. She closes her fist and says Padma has to die. Ranaa says stop there. Indra says until she is alive you will never accept me.

Present: Simar opens her eyes.
Sujata says indrawati ji please eat. She says I am waiting for thankur, i will eat once he comes. Prem comes downstairs with Sattu. Indra says sit here, I have been waiting for you. She says the meal is really tasty. I am sure simar made it. Where is she? Is she home or somewhere else? Khushi says she has gone to a neighbor’s place. Indra says is everything okay? Khushi says verma aunty is not okay. Indra says where does she live? Khushi says in the next street to us. Sujata says in heart please help Simar God.

Indra comes in room and locks it. Khushi says why have you called me here? I didn’t do anything. Sujata, jhanvi and pari are peeking in. Indra closes her fist. She throws something on khushi’s face. Indra says now go and check at verma’s place if simar is there or not. Khushi says yes. Pari says she will get to know through khushi that simar is not at verma’s place. Khushi starts walking to verma’s place. Sujata says please go jhanvi and pari.

100 years ago: Rana says even if something happens to padma I wont ever accept you. but if you stop today I will not kill you. Indra comes forward and is about to throw something on padma. Rana holds her hand and says i am saying one last time stop. She throws the ashes. Rana orders hi soldiers to arrest her. She says no. Padma says please leave her. Rana says no, she is a danger for everyone now. She has to be punished so she doesn’t harm anyone. Rana says chain her the way she chained padmawati. Padma says please one last time. He says no.

Present: Jhanvi and Pari follow khushi. Khushi says she is walking what is she reaches Mr.Verma’s place. Jhanvi and pari go from other side. Suddenly a group of people pass by saying ‘jai mata di’. This hurts Khushi’s head. She stops. Pari and Jhanvi enter the house.

Simar claims I attempted to cease Thakur but he reported He’ll punish indra.
a hundred many years back: Rana states in front of her eyes I’ll marry padmawati suitable soon after three times. This will likely be her largest punishment. She will be detained for 3 days. She wont be presented something to consume and not a soul will meet her. Indra suggests hey thakur. She says Padma you, I wont depart you. On account of you I am With this problem. I will split your neck with my very own palms and not a soul will arrive to save lots of you. Not even your thakur. Pandit ji says adequate. He states remember to pardon me. He states he honored us by proposing Padma and also you ruined it. You will be sisters yet poles aside. get from my eyes. Indra suggests I wont leave anybody.
Padma comes to temple and claims why this had to occur. Why will you be accomplishing this. You happen to be supplying me this joy on 1 side and this pain on the opposite facet. how can my relationship become her punishment. Pandit ji says its not your fault. Don’t blame on your own. All of us pay for our sins. She is paying for her sins. You are about to start a new lifestyle. I am usually with you.
Present: Simar sees running via blacony. Amar suggests what transpired?

Precap-Indra meets the witch, she claimed drench this doll in blood and become a witch. Indra states it should be padmawati’s blood. Padma overhears it.

Written Update By Sahir


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