Sasural Simar Ka 18th November 2016 Written Update

Sasural Simar Ka 18th November 2016 Written Episode Update


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Sasural Simar Ka 18th November 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
The wedding starts. Simar comes downstairs, Prem looks at her. Sumit rita and Roshni come as well. Piyush says sumit sir. prem recalls seeing him with Simar. Simar welcomes them.Sumit congratulates Simar and Prem. Simar says let me introduce you to mataji. Simar introduces them to Rita and Sumit. Mataji says where is rohan? Simar says he is abroad. Roshni says congratulations choti ma. Roshni hugs her. Simar says Piyush take them in. Simar says let mese ig Anjali is ready.

KB says wow my doll looks so good. Simar looks at her. Kb says what happend? Did you have some work? Simar says I wanted to see if my anjali’s ready. You look so good. KB says she would, I got her ready. Jhanvi says yes we were here as well. KB says oh you were here too. KB says let me check if everything is ready for kaniya dan. I want everything perfect. I didn’t know I had to fast as well. But I can manage that for my doll. Jhanvi says will you control the remaining hours? Kb says why not?Anything for my doll. I have to get ready as well.
Simar comes in. She says you look so good it makes me so happy. She is about to apply her teeka. Anjali says it would spoil my make up. Jhanvi says annjali you are vulnerable to bad eyes. Let her apply it. Anjali stands up. simar applies her teeka behind the ear. Simar says you are still a child. It had to be applied behind ear still you were worried about the make up. Pari says the barat here. simar says you have to wait here anjali.

The baraat arrives. Anjali sees from balcony. Vikram looks at her. Everyone is really happy. Mataji says Simar will do Vikram’s arti. She is his mother in law. She takes arti from Kb and gives it to simar. Piyush welcomes Vikram. simar does his arti. Roshni and Piyush see one of Vikram’s friend.
Piyush takes Vikram’s friend. He says I am Piyush’s childhood. Piyush says I wanted to ask something. Do you know Vadahi? The guy says who Vadahi? I don’t know him. Piyush lets him go. Roshni says he is lying. Piyush says I know. He says lets tell ma.
Piyush says to simar I want to talk about something. Simar says the wedding is about to start. Piyush says that cater is annoying me so much. Simar says it should have been done. i will talk to him. Roshni says why didn’t you tell her? Piyush says she is so happy? I don’t want her to be worried right now. Roshni says we will let it go? Piyush says no we will solve it. Come with me.
Vadahi is in car. Piyush calls her. She isn’t picking up. Roshni says try again Piyush. Piyush calls her again. Vadahi picks up.Piyush says thank God you picked up. We saw your kidnapper it was Vikram’s kidnapper. vadhi says how do I tell him its vikram who did this. Vadahi says I have moved on I don’t want to look back. Piyush says what are you saying? She says I am not interested in sentencing anyone. I am going to Lucknow forever.

Anajali comes downstiars. Pandit says make each other wear garland. They make each other wear garlands.
Piyush says this is last chance to catch your culprit. She hangs up. Piyush says she won’t come. Roshni says lets stop her before she leaves the city.
Anjali and Vikram make each other wear garland.
Anjali feels like Vikram is worried. She says I heard guys get worried after marriage. You are already. He smiles.

Precap-Piyush and Roshni stop Vadahi and station. She says I don’t want to come with you. Vadhai says you want to listen truth? The person who ruined my life? you can’t hear his name. Piyush says who is he? Vadhai says Vikram. Piyush is dazed.

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