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Sasural Simar Ka 18th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka watch online

Scene 1
Patali says I will take your soul to patal lok and you can never return from there.
She is capturing simar’s soul in the coconut, suddenly she stops and is dazed. A light ball comes near simar. Patali says this is impossible. How is this soul going back to simar’s soul. I have to stop her. She reads her mantra. The soul goes in simar and simar is covered with a ref cloth. Devika says this is impossible my plan cant go wrong.

Lights turn on, whole bharadwaj family comes. Patali is dazed. Devika comes and says I will give you the answer. she tells how mata ji told everything when Devika was kicked out of the house. Mata ji said i am doing all this for simar. Go from here, she brought devika in. Mata ji said about time they should know about simar and devika’s truth. She took them to temple and told them everything. devika said mata ji is right. I and prem marrried to save simar. Mata ji says this is what devika had done. Khushi has seen simar with some black pearls. Devika says what? Prem says what does this mean? Devika says black pearls are simar’s soul. Patali wants to capture ssimar’s soul. prem said i have to stop her. Devika says you can’t go. Let Gaitri play her game. She wants to take simar’s soul with her to patal lok. We can put simar’s soul back in her body. Mata ji said how will we do this? Devika says there should be dark and we have to change position of gaitri’s idol.
Roli apologizes devika. She says you are my sister as well. We will save simar didi together. They all vowed to save simar.

Roli tells patali how they changed her idol’s position and prem turned the lights off.
Patali says you can’t fool me.
Deevika says look there gaitri your idol. Gaitri sees that her idol’s position has changed. Mata ji my God cant bow down in front of your powers. This was God’s plan.
They all joined hands in hands. Gatiri is still in shock. Prem says your game is over, this was Simar’s house and will remain Simar’s.
No one can break simar and my relationship. Gaitri screams. strong winds blow and the floor shakes. Suddenly everything is stable. DEvika says you can’t do anything now gaitri. Gaitri says you have no idea whom you have challenged. I will kill you all brutally. I kicked you out of patal lok years ago but you came again so I treat you worse. My whole plan is ruined because of you. I will kill you first. Gaitri reads a mantra, a yellow cage is formed around devika. Gaitri says you will get contracted in this cage. She counts 1.. 2.. 3.. 10.. the cage disappears and so does devika with it. Everyone is dazed. Patali laughs.
Patali says your devika has gone. You can’t fight me. I took all powers from her. And she is nothing without them. She cant fight me. Now tell me who would like to die first?
My next target is.. Prem.

Precap-All the women read a mantra and throws a leaf of patali. She screams.

Written Update By Atiba


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