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Sasural Simar Ka 17th December 2015 Written Update

Sasural Simar Ka watch online

Scene 1
Mataji sees khushi asleep on the couch. she says what is wrong with this girl. Mataji is dazed to see something. She says simar.. roli.. sid.. come here and see. Khushi opens her eyes and says why is mataji so scared? Mata ji says why is someone not coming? Mataji goes to temple and throws away snake on idol’s hand. Mataji says I am sorry mata rani that snake came to the temple.
Patali gets the bangles when mataji threw the snake away. She says my game is working. You bangles will work for me now simar.

Patali makes her idol wear the bangles. she says you will become part of my dark world simar. Very soon. Khushi says all i did didn’t work out. Patali got them. She doesn’t know about my mission. I dont know whats happening in the house. I hope everyone is okay.

Next morning, simar wakes up and sees that her hands are really red. She says I slept till so late? Everyone wakes up late.
Patali says soon my mission will be accomplished. She says its about time that I tell her that her independence is not far away. She looks for the doll but cant find it.
Anjali says to doll i wont take you the fire. I wont let anything happen to you. simar comes in room, anjali hides the doll.
Simar says what you doing? Anjali says paying. Simar says drink the milk. Devika tries to call simar. she says please show me a way God.
Simar sees the doll and says anjali this is not yours right? Anajali says i brought it form devika’s house. Simar says you dont steal things from other people’s house. Anjali says i will return it to her.

Simar goes to devika’s place and returns the doll. Anjali says sorry devika aunty. Devika says simar didi i am real devika. Anjali says the doll is speaking it doesn’t want to talk. Simar says quite anjali. Patali wonders can anjali hear devika? Devika says i love this doll so i keep it with me. but now i think anjali can take better care of it. anajli has the right on it. If anything can bring smile on her face, I would love to. this is anjali’s now. Anjali says thank you devika. This doll’s name is devika and she talks to me.Devika says does she speak? Anjali says see.
Simar says quite anjali. Devika says kids live in their world. She says this doll is real devika. Go play with her. This devika will live with you from now on. simar says thank you. They leave.
Patali says bye devika.
Anjali is playing with the doll. She says lets do a race. Anjali and sanju start running. Devika says please help me God. The doll falls in the fire.

Precap-Patali says for next stage i need your wedding locket and for that i need help of prem.

Written Update By Atiba


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