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Sasural Simar Ka 16th October 2015 Written Update

Sasural Simar Ka watch online

Scene 1
Perma dances in front of rana thakur. Everyone applauds for her. Rana thakur and smiles. He says to pandit ji i doubted your talent and teachings. I am sorry. There is not mentor like you in whole city. I announce today that the winner of this.. Perma says thakur sahab.. he says you wanna say something? Ask for what you want. Perma says i want this reward for my sister Indra. He says but you won it. Perma says she worked better than me. Fate didn’t work her way today but she is way better dancer than me. If you liked my dance please accept this request. He says okay i will consider this your reward. Indra comes forward. rana makes her wear the crown. He says i announce Indra as the royal dancer. Perma says thank you. Rana says there is another reward, the i want to choose the queen of this empire. I want perma to be my queen. Indra is dazed. Rana says two weeks from today, I will marry Permawati. Congratulations panditji. Perma goes in.

Indra comes in as well and throws away the crown. She is out of her mind. She throws away all the stuff. Indra says I did everything to prove myself but every time was brought down. Today she took my love from me. I told her that i love rana thakur. Perma comes in. She says i will talk to dad. Trust me. Indra says i can’t trust you.If you cared for me you would have told everyone when rana announced that he wants you to be his queen. but you didn’t do this. You knew i love him. You gave me the dancer crown so I am drowned in your favors and you become the queen. And I will dance all my life to entertain you both. Perma says no i can’t even think that. Indra says stop your drama. Perma says what are you saying? She stabs her with her nail. Indra says I am tired of losing to you. You took my love from me. How could you do this. Perma says you are hitting me. Indra says this is nothing. You have ruined my life. You will have to pay for it. Indra shoves her. She throttles perma. She takes out a sword. Perma says what is this? what are you gonna go? I am your sister. I will make you and rana one. trust me please. Indra says you will talk to him? will you tell thakur everything? You will give me my love as a favor. I am tired of losing to you. Today you will end and so will this losing game. Rana comes and stops indra. he says how dare you to touch my wife to be. You will pay for this. I will kill you. Perma says no thakur please. She made a mistake please forgive her. she is my sister. Rana says she just tried to kill you. and you want me to pardon her. What kinda of sister is she who tried to kill her sister. Perma says please forgive her.

Rana states she just attacked you she will be able to try this all over again.i cant pardon her. Trying to keep snake in temple doesn’t change its mother nature.
Rana says for those who loved me you might have cared for my thoughts and tried out to figure out why i selected perma? She didn’t treatment about her life to avoid wasting her father. She showed how great his mentor is. And you, you happen to be egocentric dancer. you made an effort to eliminate your sister. I wont go away you. Perma states pleas i beg for my sister’s existence. For me remember to forgive her. I wont request you for just about anything. Rana suggests alright. I am able to’t say no for you. She wont Stay Within this palace from now.

Precap-Indra says i will sacrifice my sister. Indra does blackmagic.

Written Update By Sahir


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