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Sasural Simar Ka 16th November 2015 Written Update

Sasural Simar Ka watch online

Scene 1
Roli says I am fine, you have to stay strong. Please tell him didi. Simar says she is right. We have to fight this war. We have only two weapons. Hope and strength. If we lose either, Indra will win. Sid says I wont cry. Mataji says don’t worry we will bring her back.
Prem starts moving. rajhidner says prem. Prem wakes up.

Badi amma says to indra you lost prem? Indra says i wont lose every time.
I should wait for the right time. When they will sit and calm down, then I will attack. Then simar and her family will have to pay for it. Badi amma says what you did to prem? Indra shows her in the mirror: in bharadwaj house, prem acts weird. Simar asks what happened? He says who prem? Who are you all? why have you brought me here? Khushi says please don’t joke prem. Prem says what am I doing here? he says i am not prem. but who am I? Whats my name. Amar says this triumph was she talking about. She has erased Prem’s memory. She was talking about it.
Indra and badi amma laugh. Badi amma says well done. Indra says he thought I am just removing simar’s memories, but i erased all of his memories. he doesn’t remember anything. Indra says he cant even explain them. Suddenly he will lose hope to live. Badi amma says you want him to die? Indra says no. She wont let him die. Simar will do anything to save him. They will come to me and beg for mercy. Then they will have to pay the way no one ever has. Badi amma says wow they have no option now. poor them.

Simar says we are all your family. Prem says shut up. I dont know anything my brain would blast. Mataji says dont think, just sit. You will recalls everything. Sid brings in photos and says see we are your family. Standing next to you in these photos. Amar shows him more photos in phone. Prem’s head hurts. he says i wont live here.
Prem goes in his room. he locks the door. Simar and mataji run after him. Simar syas please open the door. Mataji says listen to us. Please come out. Prem says are they really my family? Why dont i remember anything? Sujata says open the door everything will be okay. Prem takes out the rope. Simar says sid takes maa to her room. We will try to talk to prem till then. Mataji says prem see what is happening to your mom. Prem looks at himself in the mirror and says i cant live.

Indra says you have to live because you have to come to be soon. Simar says we all love you please open the door. You will recalls everything. They peek in, prem tries to hang himself. he says i cant live like this. Whenever i try to recalls my head hurts. I dont wanna live. Simar says please dont do this. he says i am not prem. Simar says please stop. He hangs himself. Amar breaks the door and goes in. he takes prem down. Prem coughs. Prem screams dont touch me. Let me die. Sid says dont talk about it. You have to live for us. Prem says why ? Who are you all? Sid says we are your family. Prem says stay away from me. Prem takes a dagger. MAtaji says we wont bug you. Simar says please dont do anything prem. Sid says a coward kills himself. Do you even know what will happen to your kids. We will tell them that their father was a coward. Prem says i have lost my memory. And even if you are not lying i wont be able to live this way. Amar takes the dagger from him. He gives prem a tranquilser.

Precap-Simar says we have to talk to indra for prem and roli. i can do this for him. Guruji prays for Prem. he reads something in the book.

Written Update By Atiba


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