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Sasural Simar Ka 16th May 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Mata ji says tell us what have you done to simar. Maani says I have changed. SHe is gone to bring that pearl. Simar comes and says I am here. Simar says I am sorry. I couldn’t see maani like this. I took that pearl from jungle. Simar puts that pearl in maani’s hand. Maani says I feel so good. I feel like I am back to past. My pain is gone. Simar says your powers might come back too. Maani says I don’t know about that.I have to test that. Maani says till this pearl doesn’t touch my body in moon’s light. only then I can be okay. Prem says but you can walk now. So go from here and do whatever you want. simar says she is not okay. Pruni is tomorrow. Maani says prem is right. Mata ji says yes you should go. They all leave.

Maani takes her stuff and is leaving bharadwaj house. She says thank you for everything you people have done. Before leaving I just want you decide carefully. It is really important. She is still alive and she hates you. SHe won’t leave you. SO be careful. prem says we can take care of us. Now go. Maani leaves.
Simar comes out to manai and says take care. Maani says you too. Maani says be careful. And keep in mind what I said. She leaves.
Prerna asks simar why are you staring at the family photo?simar says reminds me of past.I am scared of losing them. Prerna says you are here no one can harm them.

Prerna says I got call from america. They were asking me where am I?Prerna says i have taken more holidays. Simar says you shouldn’t have said that.prerna says you want me gone. simar says work is important that is why i am saying. Prem is working day in and day out. Because of family you have to work. Prerna says okay I am going to sleep.

Next morning, uma says simar made breakfast. Karuna says after so long we are having breakfast together. Mata ji says simar you ask her not to eat parathy and now you made parathy. Simar says its okay one day/ And here are your fruits.
Simar says she can live where devika lived. Prerna says why should we call maani? We don’t even know if she was lying. How will she save us from that woman. I think we should call for police protection. Prem says she is right. Simar says okay thats right. And we can make our house jail. Police everywhere. What will people think? Amar says maani must be lying. Prerna says we have simar we don’t need police. Everyone laughs. People used to call her superwoman in school.
Simar looks at her family photo. Prerna says what happened simar? Simar says nothing. Khushi and sankalp come back. Everyone meets them.
Karuna asks how was your trip? She says very good. Mata ji says your happiness is outs. Mata ji says get fresh and have breakfast with us. Khushi says I have so many stories and pictures. Sattu says whereis our gift? sankalp says yes yes we have it.

Prerna is in her room. That woman comes and hits her on head. Prerna faints.
The bee comes near mata ji. Mata ji is scared.

Precap-Simar sees the woman. She sees prerna and says are you okay? Everyone comes in. They see the woman running. Simar says see this written on mirror. Prem reads I am your death i wont leave anyone.

Written Update by Atiba

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