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Sasural Simar Ka 16th June 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Prem says you.. Kamiya.. She says Prem. You were so chubby in college. Look at you now you have become dashing. He says you are same. She says its about Yoga. He says so this was Yoga? She says yes of course. Prem says you moved to USA? She says yes, there is a yoga festival for that I am here. Its in chand haveli. Prem says we are staying there for a family function. Its my wife’s birthday. She says oh you are married? Whats her name? Prem says Simar. he takes her with him.
Prem introduces kamiya to everyone. Kamiya says to Simar, prem talked about you all the way. Mata ji says we have party here. You have to join us. Kamiya says for sure. Prem says simar show kamiya her room. Simar says Kamiya you are here with your husband.. Kamiya says I am not married. I can’t ever marry perhaps. Simar says why are you saying that? She says doctor said there are some complications. I can never be a mom. Who would want to marry a girl who can’t give her a child. Simar says children are not everything. there would be someone for whom you will matter more? Kamiya says you believe in all that? Simar says yes. God has made someone for us. Who would love us. Simar says you are staying with us as long as you are here. prem says we invite you to our house and we request you to accept our inviation. She says accpetd.

The party preps are on going. Simar comes downstairs. Everyone wishes her. kamiya says many many happy returns of the day. Kamiya says like we all know its a very special person’s birthday. Lets start it with a blast performance. She starts dancing. Everyone enjoys.
prem comes to simar and extends his hand. Simar holds his hand. Prem sits on his knees and says will you be my life partner in all lives? Simar holds his hand and says yes. Everyone claps. prem says happy birthday, he makes her wear a ring. Simar says thank you. he says I love. Simar says I love you too. Simar hugs him.

Kamiya says to simar this woman applies really good mehndi. I am sure you will have darkest color mehndi. Kamiya says you are blushing. Simar says why don’t you apply it? She says I am allergic to it.
The woman’s eyes blink rend. Verma aunty is in bharadwaj house. Door bell rings. She says who can be here at this time.
The woman sits there staring at simar’s hand. Kamiya says what happened? The woman says her hands are so beautiful. Simar feels awkward.
Simar says won’t you apply mehndi?
verma aunty opens the door no one is there. she says who did this then? It must be kids. She looks outside there is a woman. verma says this is Mrs. Patel. She goes outside. She keeps talking to Mrs. patel. so many witches enter bharadwaj house and laugh. They dance inside.
Prem says to Simar lets go cut the cake.
Simar cuts the cake.

At night, Prem and Simar are sleeping. Simar hears a cry. She looks from the window. Simar says whose kid is that? Simar sees a child in loby walking. Simar says whose child is that? Why is he alone and where is he going? Simar comes out and downstairs. She comes and sees the child isn’t there.

Precap-prerna says for sid I am just a friend.Simar says can’t you give him another chance? Prerna sees a chandelier falling on him. She runs to save him.

Written Update by Atiba

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