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Sasural Simar Ka 16th December 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Khushi says if you all really love me then give me my part in the house. Sujata says someone is provoking you. Khushi says I will take everything from this house. I will even take the plate from. she takes the plate from uma. Uma says have you gone mad? Khushi throws the puris away. Mataji says you are worse than outsiders and you look at devika she so nice. Mataji says she is out of her mind. Khushi says in heart at least no one will eat those puris now. Mataji says what will we say to devika now? Uma says there are some left in fridge. Khushi says no, no one will eat it. Roli says what are you saying. sankalp says ignore her and lets start our meal.
Khushi says in heart how should I stop them. pari says why is this so yellow. Khushi says because its rotten. Uma says no she must have mixed turmeric. Khushi says no don’t eat. Mata ji says enough don’t do this. You can eat with us or you can leave. Mata ji and everyone eats the puris. Pari says wow they are so tasty. Khushi says in heart I failed.

Khushi says please show me a way God for saving my family from Patali. Suddenly lights turn on and off. Khushi says what is happening. Patali comes in. Khushi is scared. Patali says what are you doing here? Khushi says whatever it is, I am a mom as well. I came here to see my son. when I came here i dont know what has happened to everyone here. Patali laughs. Patali says yes I played this game. Your family is asleep and they wont be able to wake up. This is because of those puris. Khushi says they deserve this. Patali says go and get me simar’s wedding bangles. Khushi goes.
Khushi comes to mata ji’s room and looks for the bangles. she goes out and gives them to patali. Patali opens the box its empty. Patali says i looked everywhere. She throttles khushi and says where can they go? Patali says I will find it out.
She creates a fire balls that looks for simar’s bangle. The fireballs points at temple. Patali says why has she kept them here?
Khushi recalls when mata ji went to sleep she took the bangles from locker and placed them there. Patali says you can’t save simar this way if you think so. Khushi sleeps on the sofa. Patali says khushi come here. Khushi says i was hungry so I ate the puris. I feel so dozy now. Patali reads some mantra. Mata ji wakes up. she says why does my head hurt. There is not water in my jug. Mataji goes out. Patali says now mataji will do what khushi couldn’t.

Precap-Mataji coughs. she sees khushi on the couch. Mataji sees Patali. She is dazed.

Written Update By Atiba


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