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Sasural Simar Ka 16th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka watch online

Scene 1
Simar is about to jump in the fire. They all rush to stop her. Roli and devika hold her hand? Roli says to deivka this is happening because of you. Are you okay didi? Mata ji says thank God devika reached on time. Simar says why you saved me roli? Let me die. For whom have you saved me? Roli says why are you saying that? What is something had happened to you. What if prem has left you? we all love you. You didn’t even think about maa ji? She considers you her daughter. Don’t ever dare thinking something like this again. I would die. Sid says why you wanna die for someone who doesn’t care about you. We all do. Roli says lets go home.
prem and mata j stand there. Gaitri shows devika her ring. Devika says no this is impossible. Mata ji says what? Prem says what is troubling you? Devika says we are late, we have lost. Gaitri has got all the powers back. Mata ji says how you know? Devika says see this fire. Gaitri went in the fir and came out.

Roli grasps devika’s hand and says you cant stay in this house. Everyone says roli stop. Mata ji says its not her mistake Roli. Roli says get out of this house. She locks the door. Karuna says we should have done this before.
Khushi comes to mata ji an says simar bhabhi is doing something in room witch black pearls. Mata ji says in heart oh God what is she doing.
Simar says this coconut is your body and the pearls your soul. When this coconut breaks your soul will come out as rays. and then i will capture them and you will be mine.
She puts the pearls in the coconut.
The house blacks out. Sid says everyone else’ house is in lights. Roli says sid go and check.
uma says to anjali don’t be scared. We are all here.
Simar walks towards the temple. She places the coconut there.
Patali comes out of simar. Simar falls down. Patali places the coconut near her idol. She says now no one can stop you from coming with me. you have to come with me in my world. It is about time. Your body will live here. She says your soul will become rays and enter my body. And then i will take it to patal lok and you can return from there.

Precap-Patali laughs. Mata ji says jai mata di, they all come there. Patali is dazed.

Written Update By Atiba


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