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Sasural Simar Ka 14th October 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Simar says to indra please tell me the truth. Indra says i can’t tell you the truth. You will be agitated. I have to meet thakur now. Simar nods at sattu. Sattu says why you go upstairs, i will call prem. He goes up.
simar says amar she didn’t tell me anything. I can’t keep prem away from indra. We have only one way, I have to go back to my old life with hypnotism. Indra can’t stop me this time. she used her powers to manipulate the story. You will hypnotize me in temple. She can’t hear. Amar says but she can see. Simar says we can practice is behind this red door. She can’t hear or see anything there. Simar tells khushi about it. She says indra shouldn’t know. Khushi says i will take care and tell everyone else. don’t worry you both. Simar and amar go in that room.

Amar starts hypnotizing simar. He says go back 100 years and tell me what you see? Simar sees indra and herself dancing. Amar says perma you are in raj mehal. Tell me what you see? simar sees running around the palace. Their dad came to indra. Indra asked why you look worried? He said where is perma? Indra says she must be busy playing somewhere. He said that you both have to dance in front of thakur, he will choose one of you and that will become queen. I am not worried for perma, she learns everything. You need to learn more, I am worried for her. Indra says you mean i am not a good dancer. He says as a teacher, i know she is better. Indra said i will prove you that i am better than her. No one can dance better than me in this city and country. He said i hope its like that. Now come and find perma with me. Perma bound shoelaces of two guards. Dad comes and asks have you seen perma? Go and find her. They move and fall down. Dad says perma you did this, Come here. Perma runs, she collides with rana thakur and he holds her. They are lost in each others eyes. Indra sees them with jealousy. Thakur asks perma are you okay? she nods and leaves. Dad says you should have called me. Rana says I came here to show you how difficult this decision is for me. Neighbouring city’s girls are taking part in this competition as well. But girl from here should win it. Dad(panditji) says we will win. Rana says you will be responsible for otherwise results. I wont like to punish you.
amar says simar surely saw something that is disturing.

Flashback: Indra and perma dance on the conquer with panditji. Indra outings in her gown when perma will it smoothly. Pandit suggests very bad indra. You may be out of Levels of competition this fashion. I have hopes in you perma you can save my title and thakur’s dignity. Perma claims I wont let anything Erroneous happen. He says you might be my pleasure. Indra throws away her anklets. Perma suggests whats Completely wrong? Why do you think you’re mad? Indra suggests no I’m not mad. Perma suggests you took what dad stated to coronary heart. I’m younger so he states this, you happen to be the most effective. Indrra states father doesn’t Believe like that. Perma states get this Competitors and establish him Mistaken. Indra claims my confidence is lost for the reason that he doesn’t believe in me. Perma claims thakur will come to a decision who will earn it. Indra states he doesn’t even take a look at me. With this Opposition my like will finish at the same time. Perma states you’re keen on thakur? Indra says Indeed. Initially time i observed him i lost my heart. I only wanted his gaze to capture me but that hardly ever happened. But currently is actually significant for me. But since you are taking part this this impossible. I am able to conquer any individual however , you. Perma states its not like that. We have to Imagine something. Indra says dont acquire part in these days’s Opposition. Perma says This is certainly impossible, i must. I will reduce it intentionally. Belief me you are going to acquire it. I promise. Indra suggests you are so good. Perma claims now go get ready. Thakur will fall in really like along with you. Now you’re blushing.
Indra suggests you’ll be dropped in dance that you will neglect your promise. You ought to hardly ever acquire aspect in that Competitors. Every little thing is reasonable in like and war.

Precap-Indra loses the Level of competition to some other girl. Rana suggests i shall punish pandit ji. Perma arrives and states i wanna exhibit my dance to save my father. Perma commences dancing. Rana states I select perma as my spouse.
Perma says to indra i will speak with father. Indra says plenty of and stabs her having a nail.

Written Update By Sahir


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