Sasural Simar Ka 14th July 2016 Written Update


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Sasural Simar Ka 14th July 2016 Written Update

Mahmaya says to Kamiya why is prem hurting you? Kamiya says because I love prem. Amar and simar are seeing this through leaves. Kamiya says if something happens to Prem kaal won’t be alive too. Simar says wait this means Kamiya is a witch too. Mahmaya says are you out of your mind? You thought Kaal is in womb so he can’t do anything? He can ruin you for this thought too. You are blind in love. Kamiya says I don’t need your opinion about my love. I know what I want and I will get it.
Simar says to amar isn’t there a way? Amar says there is, but its not that easy. Simar says I don’t care. Its about Prem’s life I want him back with no harm to him.

Next morning, Khushi and Pari serve the breakfast. The pot breaks, they see its simar. Pari asks what happened
simar? simar is not answering she behaves weird. kamiya says are you okay SImar? Kamiya says let me take you to your room. Simar slaps her hard on the face. Simar says what you think? You can fool me? She slaps Kamiya over and over again. Rajhinder says what are you doing SImar? Simar goes upstairs, PRerna says Kamiya I am sorry. Kamiya says its not her fault. Kamiya says just leave me alone. Mataji says but.. Kamiya says please mataji I want to be alone. Kamiya says I think Kaal heard me talking to Kaal. She says Kaal knows without my help he cant come to this earth.

Kamiya comes to Simar’s room. Simar chokes her. Kamiya says please forgive me Kaal. Simar says I was testing you and I am glad to know you can kill yourself for me. so go I pardon you. Wait.. Simar says you are safe from me but who will save you from your mom?
Simar comes in amar’s room. Amar says I have preapred everything. We can see what Kamiya is doing.
Kamiya is trying to wake prem up Kamiya says I will take you out of here. Nothing will happen to you. Kamiya releases him. Prem stands up. Kamiya says you are safe now. Nothing would happen to you. She reads a mantra. Mahmaya comes there, Kamiya is in chains suddenly. Mahamaya says you foolish girl what are you trying to do. Kamiya says I am taking prem out of here. I know you wanna kill me too with Prem. Mahmaya sasy what? Mahmaya says this is simar’s game. She is trying to use you against me.Mahamaya says there is something wrong. Someone is keeping an eye on us. She reads a mantra and the leaves in front of simar and amar burn. They stand up in shock. Amar says no matter what you have to behave like kaal. Simar says you are right. i wont give up. I will bring prem back.
Kamiya says simar is under black powers we won. She touches prem. Kamiya says when Kaal is safe you have to promise you will leave prem. Mahmaya says okay I promise. Mahmaya release Kamiya.
Mahmaya comes to bharadwaj house and says Kaal you took over simar and won. You have to do a vidhi using her. It will increase your black powers. Nothing positive would touch you again. Simar says what will I have to do? Mahmaya says you have to sacrifice someone. Everyone is dazed. Mahmaya says it has to be a human. Mahmaya says that human is.. This woman. She points at mataji. Everyone is dazed.

Precap-Mahmaya says take the sword and kill her. Its about time to sacrifice. Simr picks up the sword. Sujata says no simar. They say simar stop. Simar stabs mataji.

Written Update by Atiba

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