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Sasural Simar Ka 14th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka watch online

Scene 1
Roli says i know what you are going through didi but i can’t do anything for you. Devika says make me wear the locket. Prem makes her wear the wedding locket. Simar stands up.

Roli says to prem i considered you my brother and you did this, I feel ashamed to even call you brother in law. And mata ji i always did what you asked. you broke our hearts today. She goes in. Rajhinder says this is wrong mata ji and we can’t support you in that. Everyone goes in their rooms. Mata ji is in tears. she says i can’t tell them why i did this. Right now nothing is more important than simar to me. Devika says its time for next step. Mata ji says khushi prepare for post wedding stuff.
patali says you shouldn’t have done this devika.

Sid says to roli how can mata ji support prem. Roli says didi has locked herself in the room. What is she going through, how will she come out of this. Pri says cant we do anything? We can stop devika from coming in this house. sid says prem threatened to kill himself. We are helpless.

Mata ji does arti of prem and devika. She says enter this house devika. Devika enters as a bride. simar screams. Devika says this rice is gaitri and that container is simar. She will leave simar soon. Patali comes out of simar’s body. Simar falls down. Patali says there is something burning in my heart she screams. Devika enters the house.

Precap-khushi says simar is no in her room. Devika says she has gone to patal’s fire. mata ji says we have to go find simar. Roli and sid come there.

Written Update By Atiba


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