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Sasural Simar Ka 13th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Sunanda says to Mohini simar has left for mahakumb. Mohini says i knew she would do this. she is coming to find out my end, I will kill her here. Do as i asked you. Sunanda says yes don’t worry about here. I will handle everything here.

Simar is on her way. She will get a phone. Mata ji suggests Have you ever arrived at? Simar claims I will access shortly. Simar says what is it? Mata ji states no every thing is alright. Just a bit fearful for yourself. Simar says I am scared way too how will I find her close but I recognize that God should help us like constantly. Don’t fret. Mata ji says you might be correct. Be careful. Amar asks what did she say? Mata ji states she is ok. Medical doctor suggests Khushi is okay now. She’s from Threat. We have arranged a nurse for her right here. Mata ji claims thank you so much. You know very well what we’ve been under-going I mean its unsafe for her to Stay right here. Sujata states she is right. Sujata states Jhanvi will take care of her. Jhanvi states Of course i will. Health practitioner claims alright, get in touch with me if needed. Mata ji states sujata Now we have to deal with prem and khushi. Until finally simar is back you and rajhinder will Stay with prem in my home. Don’t open the doorway it doesn’t matter what. Retain sanju with you far too. Rajhinder claims how can we. Mata ji suggests try to be familiar with. I do know God is with us but we should be cautious likewise. I don’t want us to tumble prey to their designs this time. Mata ji suggests jhanvi bring Sanjina. Mata ji sasy uma and karuna organize their food items inside the space so they don’t must appear out. Mata ji claims I hope simar finds it out and our loved ones is total once again.

Mohini is in mahakumb awaiting simar. She keeps a watch on every single motor vehicle. She claims this is the only way to enter. Simar have to be coming from right here and I wont Allow her pass. Mohini sees simar in the vehicle. Simar sees Mohini. Simar suggests to driver why did you end the car. He says appear there. Mohini is standing in front of simar’s motor vehicle. She is all over simar’s car or truck in all 4 conrners.

Pari claims to mata ji simar can’t even access there. she wont ever ome again either. she has long gone to her death. She laughs.
Driver states who Is that this madam. Why is she every single in which within the auto. Simar suggests you retain driving. He states but she is right here. simar says This really is just illusion. Absolutely nothing will take place. He claims Let’s say i strike her.simar says driver rapidly. The motive force moves. He claims what was this? Simar suggests don’t be concerned about anything. Simar claims we have been Secure when the car is shifting. Just dont cease the vehicle prior to mahakumb.

Pari suggests make1 regardless of what strategy you would like. I will fall short it. Mata ji claims due to that mohini you should hurt your family and I can’t even punish you. Pari claims you will be helpless. Mata ji suggests Indeed I’m able to’t damage you but I am able to end you. She puts gangajal around pari’s chair. Pari suggests end it. Mata ji states it wont Permit you to combat againt us. There is a knock on doorway. Pari laughs.

Simar asks how far is mahakumb? driver suggests just 5 minutes absent. the vehicle stops. simar suggests I requested you not to stop the vehicle. He states its stopped itself. Driver will come out of motor vehicle to check. Mohini throttles the motive force. She claims you were being using simar to mahakumb? I wont depart you. Simar claims be sure to depart him. Simar stops persons and states folks assist me. Mohini states they might’t see and listen to you. The motive force is useless. Simar operates from there. Mohini seems all around for her. She states the place is she long gone now. Mohini runs to discover simar.
Simar runs in direction of the jungle. Mohini suggests you manufactured it uncomplicated for me.

There exists a knock on doorway. Mata ji claims don’t open the door. Pari claims they’ll break the door. Amar claims you all go from the temple I’ll Check out who is outdoors the doorway. Uma claims what should they assault you. amar states you happen to be all in issues as a result of me.
amar opens the door and falls back.

Mohini reads her mantra in jungle. She suggests wherever you hide simar it is possible to’t conceal you from me.
Everyone seems to be afraid. There are 2 withces around the doorway. Driving them abide by all kinds of other in line. Everyone is terrified. Mata ji states that are they al. Sunanda enters ultimately. She suggests They can be all my pals. Karuna suggests witches? Sunanda states yes They are really./
Mata ji suggests amar occur in this article. He tries to run but a person withc stops him and claims why do you think you’re in this kind of hurry amar? Amar falls down. Sunanda suggests you’ll want to welcome your mom in legislation. Why are you presently petrified of me. So you all. you happen to be all concealed powering the temple. This time I’ve a sloution for that as well. She claps. Some thugs come in. She says we will’t enter the temple but humans can.
Mohini will send out simar up and i will deliver you all.

Simar is concealed at the rear of some trees. she suggests I believe mohini has remaining. She arrives out. Mohini comes in front of her. she states you thought youb could be Harmless in jungle. Simar suggests you will be frightened of me this is why you are attempting to prevent me. I will see your conclude in any case. Mohini claims you can die ahead of that. You will need to die right now. Anyone who came in my lost their life. your flip this time. Simar o[mes her purse. Mohini claims no and tries to keep her hand. Simar drop that purse. She attempts to pick it up mohini stops simar from her tail. Mohini states I’ll provide you with my genuine energy right now. she shoves simar with her tail. Mohini suggests you would like your bag? Arrive consider it. She puts her hand on simar’s hand. Mohini claims you brought things to prevent me. Arrive consider it. You happen to be damage appropriate? but I don’t have an alternative choice. This agony is temporary. You can release immediately after some time. Simar suggests in heart i cant fight her but I’ve to reach mahakumb. Mohini suggests appear what I did to you. Look in my eyes you will see your death. Simar appears to be in her eyes. she shoves mohini’s hand and can take the purse. Simar throws sindur on her. mohini screams. Simar operates from there. Mohini says exactly where is she long gone?

The Guys enter the temple. They struggle to take all of the family out. They dra mata ji. Jhanvi and uma endeavor to strike them although the thugs choose them all out. Sunanda suggests so we have been in front of each other now. Allows start the session. Pari states unrope me sunanda. Sunanda claims we built you so potent pari however , you are of no use. Always get roped. Sunanda measures over the sindur mata ji place all over pari’s chair. She ways again. Sunanda claims clean it.

Simar stands on the cliff. She turns back again mohini is standing driving her. Mohini suggests so? where will you operate now? You death is all around you. A person facet is the cliff and other facet right here I am. So what’s going to you are doing now?
Simar says they are saying Mahakumb finishes all your discomfort. And i arrived in this article to locate Alternative of this problem for my household. Now God you are going to come to a decision if I gain or reduce. I don’t settle for dying from her fingers. She jumps from the cliff. Mohini is dazed. Simar falls inside the drinking water. Mohini claims you came to conquer me? your God didn’t help save you simar. This is often my game I had to gain. I won simar. I received.

Precap-Some women enter the house with a lot of sindur. they put it on all the witches. Mata ji says now i will show you how this game ends.

Written Update By Sahir


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