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Sasural Simar Ka 13th April 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
The shadow says to sid you did right. she says the sin simar did doesn’t deserve mercy.She parted two lovers. Sid says lovers can never be parted. That star is my roli. She will shin there and in my heart.
Uma says we should all boycott sid. Pari says you are right. He should know he is wrong. Prerna says this is wrong. I have to tell simar. Simar says on call you are making a mistake. Khushi says he did wrong with you. Simar says I know you all care for me but sid is in trouble. He feels alone. He never thought he would have to lose roli. You want me to come home? Then please help prerna. She knows how to help sid. Khushi says we promise we will all help prerna. Pari says simar your mom called on my number. Uncle is better now. She said that she sent choti dulhan to asylum.
Mataji says thank God. I hope choti dulhan finds a new life. Simar says I hope she stays happy. I hope sid recovers from this grief.

Prem calls simar. Anjali says mama where are you? We miss you. SImar says please try to sleep. Sanju says please sing that lullaby you sang to roli. Simar sings for them.They both fall asleep.
Prem sees simar from balcony. He says you cried again? Simar says no.He says why are your eyes red then? Simar says you can see from there? Simar says I feel so weak. I will shatter any moment. Prem says my simar can never shatter. I will bring anjali and sanju to you whenever you feel down. Simar says you all are my strength. And I have to fulfill the promise I made to roli. Prem says show me your smile. She smiles.Prem says rest now. Simar says you too. Good night.
Prerna says its not easy to convince sid but I will keep trying.

Next morning, Sid is seeing roli’s photo. Prerna says sid open the door. I brought you fav tea. I am leaving it here on table.
The shadow says sid they are all with simar. Prerna says if you love your family please eat this. I am leaving this here. Prerna keeps doing it.
Simar says prerna is doing all this for me. I can’t thank her enough. But for how long can she stay.
Prerna sees the light in sid’s room. Prerna says for your roli please open the door. Sid says what is your problem. Why are you looking in my room.I loved roli and I always will but you can’t blackmail me.She says I saw some shine in your room.He says you are spy like simar too. Go from here.
Prerna goes to simar and tells her everything. Simar is dazed. She says there is something wrong. What is it? I have to come home to find it. Prerna says how will you?

Sid sees roli’s photo with knife. Shadow says sid simar is roli’s murderer and she will come back to this house soon. kill her as soon as she comes.Your roli will only attain peace this way.
Prerna says to simar okay I am coming. She opens the door simar comes in.prerna says sid is asleep. We will see that light.

Precap-Sid says God will punish you for roli’s death but I send you to him. He takes out the knife. He stabs her.

Written Update by Atiba

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