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Sasural Simar Ka 13th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka watch online

Scene 1
Simar’s soul comes to earth. She sees prem and everyone crying after her funeral. Prem sits near her ashes. He says you promised me you will not leave me alone. They are all leaving. Simar sits there in distress.
Prem comes home. Satu says prem please handle yourself. He takes ashes from him and place them in temple. Mata ji says we will all go to ganga for the ashes. Anjali and Sanjina come downstairs. Anjali says papa.. Sanju says mama wont ever come back? Is that true? Prem sits down and hugs them. Sanju says why is there a garland on mama’s photo. What happened to mama? Anjalu says where is she? SImar says I am here you can’t see me. I am around you. Anjali says please bring mama, papa. Simar says how can I tell them that I am here around them. Mata ji says your mama will come back. They go back upstairs. SImar says don’t do this with me God. Jhanvi says I know mata ji you are all mad at me.. Mata ji says please jhanvi. Simar says where is amar? He is nowhere.

Roli and mata ji are crying. SImar comes in and sees them. Roli says I cant stop missing you. I can’t do anything without you. Mata ji tries to console her. Roli cries and sobs. SImar recalls her moments with prem. She goes to prem’s room. He is crying there. Anajali comes in and says mata ji said mama will come back when will she? Sanju says how will we celebrate anjali’s birthay if mama doesn’t come back. Prem hugs them. He says in heart how should I tell then that simar will never come back?

Simar comes to temple. She cries and says why is this happening to me? Not today. I don’t accept this decision. what have i done that I am punished this way? You can hear me. I cant bear this. She says you have to give me my family back or give my soul peace. You can’t stay quite anymore. She turns back and sees jhanvi sneaking out. Simar follows her. Jhanvi comes to amar’s place. Two men come with a casket. Simar says whats in that box? ANd why jhanvi took it in devika’s house?
Simar comes in, amar says everything is over why have you called me here? we couldn’t save simar. We lost her forever. She left he body here and I couldn’t take care of it. I am sorry Simar. Jhanvi opens the cakset. Amar is dazed to see simar’s body inside.

Precap-Prem says anjali blow all the candles. Anjali says I wish my mama comes back on my birthday. Simar walks in everyone is dazed.

Written Update By Atiba


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