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Sasural Simar Ka 12th November 2015 Written Update

Sasural Simar Ka watch online

Scene 1
Rajhinder is shocked at mata ji’s call. She asks are you people okay? He looks back at fake mata ji. He says this means the one here is not mata ji. He sees uma taking the arti and food near the idol. He stops her and throws it out. The face mataji disappear. Uma says why did you do this papa. Sankalp says mataji was here where did she go? Mataji is hearing all this on call. Mata ji says rajhinder can you hear me? Mataji says what happening there.
Rajhinder says it was either badi amma or indra who came here as mataji. badi amma starts laughing. Mataji says unless we are back dont let anyone come in the house.
Don’t let anyone in the house. Mataji says we will continue the journey from tonight. we have to to be careful.

Indra is sitting next to prem, she says for how long will i have to wait for you to be conscious again. If badi amma is successful then there would be no trouble. I trust her completely.

Guru ji says to Amar and prem since indra has gotten her powers back she is very dangerous. There is a way. But it can be risky. Sid says I am even ready to risk my life. Guru ji says indra has to wait for tomorrow. And we will start tomorrow as well.
Amar says take care of Prem God.

Scene 2
Next morning, mata ji and everyone wakes up in the jungle. They see badi amma in front of them. She says give me those pots. Khushi says we wont. Sujata says we should give her. We can’t risk all of you for simar and roli.
Mata ji says Sujata is right. We cant risk everyone’s life for two people. we should give them these pots. Badi amma says give me these pots. Mata ji says we should give them. Sujata says dont be reluctant anymore Khushi. Mataji says unless I return the pots no one will come out of the sindur circle. Badi amma says give them to me so you can live in peace and so can Indra and Prem.
Mata ji says forgive us simar and Roli we lost.

Mata ji breaks the pots on Badi amma’s head. Mata ji says these were fake pots. Badi amma screams. The pots had sindur in it. SHe screams. They drag her inside the sindur circle. Badi amma says leave me. Sujata says evil can never win over good.
Indra wonders where badi amma is. she says where can she be? Prem opens his eyes. Indra says thank God you are up. But why are you smiling? He says smiling at your condition. I feel like its not happening like you thought. Indra says I never learned to lose. I will win. No one can beat indrawati. Prem says your conceit is your weakness. You can never take Simar’s place.

Precap-Wind blows. Indra says what does it indicate? Did something happen to badi amma? Mataji sees the temple.

Written Update By Atiba


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